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BRASS Program at the ALA Annual Conference
June 28, 2004
Orlando, Florida

Program Handout, part 4

Financial Statistics

Prepared by
Angela Jacobe
Orange County (Florida) Library System

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State and Local

Florida Department of Financial Services. Retrieved May 7, 2004 from
A state’s Department of Banking or the equivalent is a valuable source of information for related statistics and industry activities. The Florida site provides statistics relating to the Department's regulatory role such as the number of approvals or rejections of licenses for various financial services.


Banking Center. Retrieved February 8, 2004 from
Top financial news and daily quotes on online banking, loans and deposits offered by financial institutions in all 50 states and Washington D.C. can be found on this Website. In addition, state-by-state, regional, and national composite benchmarks for each product are given.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Federal Reserve Bulletin. (Monthly). Available at
The Federal Reserve Board publishes weekly and monthly commercial and industrial bank loan data in a statistical release and in its monthly journal, Federal Reserve Bulletin. The bank loan data are indicators of business’s willingness to go into debt. A rapid growth in bank loans may indicate optimism, while a slow rate suggests a cautious business outlook.

FDIC Institution Directory. Retrieved February 8, 2004 from http://
Demographic information and financial profiles of each FDIC-insured depository institution obtained from quarterly reports filed with federal regulators are available from this site and from their publication, Quarterly Banking Profile.

Federal Reserve Banks. Retrieved February 8, 2004, from http://
In addition to lists of the 12 U. S. Federal Reserve banks with their addresses, phone numbers and URLs, statistical releases and historical data, including foreign exchange rates and selected interest rates, can be found. The Federal Reserve Bulletin and surveys and reports are also available. One pertinent document is the Survey of Small Business Finances.

FRED II - Federal Reserve Economic Data. Retrieved May 7, 2004 from
Produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, this database contains over 1000 historical time series, including coverage of banking, interest rates, money supply, and other financial data collected by the Fed. Series are downloadable in Excel format.

Mergent Bank and Finance Manual. New York: Mergent/FIS. Annual with updates.
A component of the Mergent’s series (formerly, Moody’s), this volume covers over 3,000 banks, savings and loans, insurance companies and real estate investment trusts. More than 6,500 unit investment trusts are included as well.

Thomson Bank Directory (2003). Skokie, IL: Thomson Financial Pub., 2003.
Comprised of five separate volumes, this directory lists all bank offices in the world and provides detailed information, including financial figures for every U.S.-based head office. Financial data include total assets, total loans, total deposits, total equity and net income.


Bank for International Settlements. Retrieved February 8, 2004, from
Located in Switzerland, this bank exists to promote international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for the world’s central banks. Among its offerings, the Website offers a list of the central banks of more than 130 countries, the BIS’s operations, and several statistical data series.

Currencies Converter. Retrieved March 28, 2004, from
Provides exchange rates for 164 currencies, with data available for any date since Jan. 1, 1990, through yesterday.

Michigan State University Center for International Business Education and Research. GlobalEdge Resource Desk. Retrieved February 8, 2004, from
Created by MSU-CIBER, this site is a treasure trove of information on international business and trade and other global business activities. Its Global Business Resources section is divided into several categories, one of which is Money. This category features a lengthy list of numerous links to Websites of stock exchanges, banks and finance.

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Local and State

Bank Rate Monitor. Retrieved February 8, 2004 from
An excellent source for tracking locally prevailing interest rates. With its database updated daily, this Website tracks timely interest rates for mortgages, home equity loans, savings, checking accounts and credit cards as well as ATM and online banking fees of over 4,000 institutions around the country.

Mergent Municipal and Government Manual and News Reports. New York: Mergent/FIS. Annual with updates.
This Mergent volume offers comprehensive coverage of more than 9,000 U. S. bond issuing municipalities and government agencies.


Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Selected Interested Rates. Retrieved March 29, 2004, from http:// www/ Selected interest rates include federal funds, prime rate charged by commercial banks, U.S. government securities and corporate bonds.

Bonds Online. Retrieved May 7, 2004 from
Online portal to bond information that tracks interest rates on major bond issues.

NASD BondInfo. Retrieved May 7, 2004 from
A relatively new service of the National Association of Securities Dealers, this is a searchable database of corporate bond issues that provides information on prices, yields and ratings for currently traded corporate bonds.

Savings Bond Calculator. Retrieved March 29, 2004 from
Computes the redemption value for savings bonds.

Thorndike, David. Thorndike Encyclopedia of Banking and Financial Tables (4th ed.). Arlington, VA: A. S. Pratt & Sons, 2003.
The main hardbound volume is comprised of tables for use by bankers, business professionals and lay people.


Global Financial Data [subscription database]. Available at
Although expensive, this subscription database offers convenient access to comprehensive historical coverage of interest rates, exhange rate, stock market indices, and other financial data for all countries for which standardized and reliable statistics are available.

International Monetary Fund. Retrieved February 8, 2004, from
This international organization representing 184 nations was established to foster global economic and financial development. The Fund's International Financial Statistics is available by subscription online at and as a monthly print publication.

Wall Street Journal. Retrieved May 7, 2004 from
Recognized as one of the world's leading business newspapers, the Wall Street Journal provides abundant financial statistics, including investment instruments, interest rates and other related data both domestically and internationally. Key interest rates are published weekly. The WSJ Online has fee-based interactive features.

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National Retrieved February 8, 2004 from
This Website is divided into several sections including market data, new and commentary, as well as charts and analysis. The market data covers stocks, interest rates and bonds, world currencies, mutual funds and commodities.

CBS Retrieved February 8, 2004 from
Noteworthy features on initial public offerings, including a calendar listing the IPO offerings for the week and reports on the performance after stocks go public.

EDGAR-Online. Retrieved February 8, 2004 from
Offers free searches for full-text SEC filings older than 24 hours. The complete EDGAR database goes back to 1994. Retrieved February 8, 2004 from
Makes available free access to real-time company SEC filings. Users can create a "watch list" to receive e-mail notification when the SEC releases a filing by a company on the list.

Mergent Series. New York: Mergent/FIS. Annual with updates.
One of the world’s leading publishers of investment information, Mergent produces a series of services, including the Mergent Bond Record and Annual Bond Record Service, Bond Survey, Dividend Achievers, Handbook of Common Stocks, Handbook of NASDAQ Stocks, Industrial Manual, International Manual, OTC Industrial Manual, OTC Public Utility Manual, OTC Unlisted Manual and Transportation Manual. Mergent offers extensive company information on domestic and international companies. The online database Mergent Online, available at also includes over 40,000 U. S. annual reports.

Morningstar. Retrieved March 3, 2004 from
Focusing on mutual funds, this website offers free access and numerous investment aides, including valuable advice, links to seminars, market information, as well as investment tools and calculators. However, some additional features are available only through paid membership.

Securities and Exchange Commission. Retrieved March 13, 2004 from
In addition to real-time filings and other company information, this Website includes headline news, legal and other releases and reports as well as investor education material.

Standard & Poor’s Series. New York: Standard and Poor's. Annual with updates.
Also highly-respected globally, this publisher has its own well-known business and investment series comparable to Mergent. The S&P set includes Standard & Poor’s Bond Guide, Corporation Records, Industry Reports, Quarterly Divident Record, Stock Guide and Stock Reports.

Value Line [subscription database]. Retrieved May 7, 2004 from
Available online or as a looseleaf print service, this highly regarded source provides regularly-updated research on stocks and mutual funds as well as stock options. Value Line ranks the securities it covers according to timeliness, performance record, quarterly earnings estimates and 3-to-5-year financial estimates.

Yahoo! Finance. Retrieved May 7, 2004 from
In addition to providing investment advice and news, this site allows for easy graphing and downloading of stock price histories.

International Retrieved February 8, 2004 from
Jointly sponsored by J. P. Morgan Chase Bank and Thomson Financial and global in focus, this website features international headline news, global market overview and commentary, information on industry sectors, and a calendar of financial market events.

MSCI. Retrieved May 7, 2004 from
Morgan Stanley Capital International produces a series of highly regarded equity indices covering international markets for both developing and developed countries. Current data on these indices is available on the website.

Standard & Poor’s. Retrieved March 28, 2004 from
Also recognized as a leading global provider of investment information, the S&P Global website claims to be "The authoritative source for global indices", offering real-time values for numerous indices, including the S&P Global 1200, the S&P Europe 350 as well as indices for Canada, Hong Kong and Australia.

World Federation of Exchanges. Retrieved May 7, 2004 from
A global federation of 54 regulated stock exchanges, this site offers statistics on worldwide stock activity, as well as links to all of its member's exchanges, which usually contain national-level statistics.

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bullet Success by the Numbers: Statistics for Business Development
BRASS Program at the ALA Annual Conference, June 28, 2004, Orlando, Florida
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