Help Wanted: Job and Career Information for the New Millennium


BRASS/PLA Program, ALA Annual Conference
New Orleans, LA, June 28, 1999

Jobs & Career Center
San Francisco Public Library

Edgar McCray
Jobs & Careers Librarian
Jobs & Careers Information Center
Business/Science/Technology Department
San Francisco Public Library - (New Main)
100 Larkin Street - Civic Center
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: (415) 557-4400

San Francisco Public (New Main)

  • Opened April - ‘96
    • Main+26 branches
    • 2.4 M items 5.9 M visitors - FY 97/98
  • Capacity of New Main
    • Old Main

New Building

  • Special Centers
  • Eclectic & growing collection

Print Materials in the Jobs Center

  • Jobs binder
  • Job related news papers
  • Job related magazines

All Resources with the Jobs Center are

  • Reference Materials

Spans entire Dewey Decimal system

  • Heavy: resumes - interviewing - cover letters
  • Jobs Binder: Job listings-Bay Area
  • Newspaper classifieds

Online Resources

Populations Served

  • Tourists
    • International
  • Students -Teachers, Writers
    • North Beach: Beat generation poets
  • Artists
    • SF appreciates art-SF many artists
  • Down & Outers

Internet in the Job Search:


  • High Level of satisfaction
    • Well defined objectives & goals
  • Challenges - satisfaction
    • Irate & mysterious job seekers: "real jobs vs reading about jobs" & "I’m not telling..."
    • Creative jobs-SF has large population of creative folks
    • Drug counseling jobs (No MSW, just first hand experience)

Fun /Unusual Jobs

  • Something for everyone
  • Underwater Photography-off Maui-Tahiti
    • Need biology degree
  • Night people need jobs too
    • Bat Cave monitoring (endangered species)
    • Bat Labs (observe nurturing habits of bat parents)
    • Start Bat colony (explain)

bullet Help Wanted: Job and Career Information for the New Millenium
BRASS Program, ALA Annual Conference, June 28, 1999

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