Primark Student Travel Award

Lucrea Vinluan Dayrit
1998 Award Recipient

Comments, as reported in the July/September 1998 RUSA Update

The ALA Conference has opened my eyes wider to an enriched, complex, and dynamic world of librarianship. As a part-time graduate student and full-time librarian, I have found out that attendance at professional conferences like the ALA Conference feeds one's intellect. As I have learned in one of my Emporia State University School of Library & Information Management courses, our own stories are unique tools in creating leadership. Hence, as I am writing this story in my home country, the Philippines, I am also reflecting on the rewards of the Disclosure Award. I am hoping that this reflective story may help other Library Science/Information Management students rethink that they are the future leaders in our profession. The greatest reward I have gained in this conference was the increase of my own professional and personal networks - a network of librarians from different types of libraries in the nation and other parts of the globe. I met business reference librarians, government documents librarians, specialists in international governmental and nongovernmental publications, Gale Research staff, medical librarians, international librarians, authors of business reference books, publishers and database vendors, and others who I would have never met. With my interest in international and business librarianship, I attended the afternoon session of GODORT's preconference program on "International Organization Information for the 21st Century". This program enhanced my knowledge of the roles of IGOs, libraries, publishers, depository programs, and public affairs/statistical offices. As a cataloger at the Research Library of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, publications of these organizations have passed my desk. A clearer understanding on the origination and dissemination process for these publications enhanced my knowledge as a business librarian.

"Going Global: Business and Government Information Partnering", a BRASS preconference, was an excellent program. This program included speakers who are experts in the field of business and international government publications. Each participant was provided copies of all the papers of the speakers and a list of other sources of business and international government information in a well-organized binder. I am pretty sure that this tool will become a handy reference for any business librarian who attended this program.

My attendance at the "Gale Library Leadership Forum" luncheon and "Gale Discovering the Curriculum" breakfast meant great opportunities for meeting public and school librarians from different parts of the country. Barbara Bean, Gale Research vice president for product development, spoke during the Gale Discovering the Curriculum breakfast program. Gale talks to clients, determines customer needs, extrapolates them, then builds new products that they hope to help librarians/information professionals assist their clients. She also discussed that as a publisher of major reference and curriculum tools, Gale sees the complexity of electronic information use in all aspects of library environment. They see how electronic products are thought of and used and that electronic media is seen as unique tools for enriching the information of their clients.

Highlights of this conference also included my participation in the BRASS executive meetings, where I met the Executive Committee and committee chairs. In these meetings, I learned first-hand the enthusiasm of dynamic and energetic business librarians in planning BRASS programs and activities. With the time, talents, and efforts they have shared and will share in the future, I believe that other business librarians will also be encouraged to join them in their journeys for optimum professional experiences. Other significant BRASS events I attended were the BRASS Program, BRASS' 10th Anniversary Birthday Bash and the RUSA Awards Ceremony and Reception. The BRASS 10th Birthday Bash was a grand affair where BRASS members dined and networked with the gourmet dishes, fine drinks, at the beautiful Sequoia Restaurant!

As one of the recipients of the RUSA Awards, I was excited to receive my award. I felt so honored to have the opportunity to meet the other awardees who are leaders in reference services. In closing, I would like to thank Glenda Neely; Ethel Salone and all of Disclosure; Carol Womack; William Taylor; all BRASS Executive Committee and committee chairs; Michael Dowling of RUSA and RUSA staff; and all other librarians and information professionals who I have met during this Annual Conference. They were all very enthusiastic in welcoming me as a new ALA/RUSA/BRASS member.

- Lucrea Vinluan-Dayrit