Primark Student Travel Award

Tracy Turnbull
1995 Award Recipient

Comments, as reported in the July/September 1995 RASD Update

I left for my first ALA Conference not knowing at all what to expect. Fortunately, everything at the Conference was a pleasant surprise! I have never stayed in a major American city before and I loved Chicago! The waterfront, the unique architecture, and the best pizza I have ever eaten helped create a wonderful conference atmosphere.

A lot of my conference time was taken up at the job Placement Center, but I was able to take in a number of sessions. The BRASS Program on Ratios, Ratings, and Reference was excellent. It served as a valuable refresher for all those numbers I had to study as a business student. A session on small business needs and the public library was also very useful; the librarians in attendance had a number of practical issues and some creative solutions were proposed. My conference ended with a casual BRASS dinner-lots of spicy Thai dishes and good company! Overall, I came away from Chicago with a better sense of what the ALA can do for individual librarians, and also with a greater appreciation for those who dedicate so much time to the ALA.

- Tracy Turnbull