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Complete Guide To Prescription & Nonprescription Drugs: 2005 (Complete Guide to Prescription and Nonprescription Drugs) H. Winter, MD. Griffith, Stephen W., M.D. Moore, John D., M.D., Ph.D. Palmer, William N. Jones, Miriam L. Levinson. Perigee Trade, 2004, 0-399-53027-4.
This revised and updated version of the best-selling classic is the ultimate A-to-Z illness and drug reference guide. It provides the necessary information about over 5,000 brand name and 700 generic prescription and nonprescription drugs.

The Herbal Drugstore: The Best Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medicines! Linda B. White, Steven Foster. Rodale Books, 2001, 1579541348.
The authors provide concise profiles of more than 280 drugs and drug categories, along with their herbal alternatives.

The Merck Manual of Medical Information. Second Home Edition, 2003, 0-911910-35-2.
This comprehensive health guide for consumers also includes information on over-the-counter drugs.

Pharmacist's Guide to Over-the-counter Drugs and Natural Remedies : A Guide to Finding Quick and Safe Relief. Robert Garrison. Avery, 1999, 0895298503.
Includes more than 75 common health disorders and their treatments and provides specific recommendations for over-the-counter medications.

Physicians Desk Reference for Nonprescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements 2004. Thomson Healthcare, 25th edition, 2004, 1563634783.
The 2004 edition offers complete, FDA-approved descriptions of the most commonly used OTC medications, four separate indices and in-depth data on ingredients, indications, and drug interactions.

The Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drug Guide for Seniors. Seymour Ehrenpreis. McGraw-Hill, 2003, 0071402616.
The authors of this comprehensive book provide detailed information and answers to questions concerning a wide range of prescription and non-prescription drugs.

Reader's Digest Guide to Over The Counter Drugs. Reader's Digest Association, 2002, 0762103663.
Presents descriptions for more than 690 brand name and 90 generic drugs, tips on choosing the right medicine, usage information and dosage guidelines, and important precautions, interactions, and side effects.

Web Sites

Medline Plus: Drug Information
The site offers information on thousands of prescription and over-the-counter medications.

PDR® Family Guide To Over-The-Counter Drugs
Provides an index to hundreds of over-the-counter drugs. Each entry explains what the drug is used for, how it is taken, possible food and drug interactions, and special warnings.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration - Over-the-Counter Drug Products
This site provides information on over-the-counter drugs, and provides information on new drug development in the U.S.
Over-the-Counter Medicines: What's Right for You?

Spanish Language Materials

Medicamentos: Úselos con Cuidado
People aged 65 and older often use several prescription and over-the counter medicines. Ask your doctor and your pharmacist to help get the best results from your medicines.

Medicamentos sin receta: ¿cual es adecuado para Usted?
How to read and understand the information on OTC labels.


Sea MediSabio: Utilice los medicamentos de venta libre con prudencia
Explains the details on the Drug Facts label.

Tomar medicinas de venta libre con precaución
Basic questions to ask your doctor or pharmacist about OTCs.

Resources for Teens


Drugs and Dieting. Jeremy Roberts. 2001. Rosen Publishing Group. 0823933571
Teens need to know the dangers and misconceptions about weight gain and diet drugs as they struggle for the elusive "perfect body".

Herbal Drug Dangers. Judy Monroe. 2000. Enslow Publishers. 0766013197
Natural doesn't always mean safe when it comes to self-medicating.

Understanding the Risks of Diet Drugs. Pamela Walker. 2000. 0823929914
What you need to know to make good decisions about taking weight off.

The Watts Teen Health Dictionary. Charlotte Isler. 1996. Franklin Watts. 0531112365
Useful appendix lists common medications and side effects.

Magazine Article

"The Scariest Drug Epidemic You've Never Heard Of" Jason Bane. Teen People. V6#10 December 1, 2003. p136.
Cough and cold medication ingredient DMX, a powerful hallucinogen, can be a dangerous high.

Electronic Media

Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse. 2002. Educational Video Network. VHS 1589500695
The dangers and side effects of using and abusing common medications.

Web Sites

KidsHealth for Parents. Medications: Using Them Safely.
Many choices make for a complicated task-tips and suggestions, and when to call the doctor first.

Teen Drug Rehab Over the Counter Substance Abuse
OTC drugs can be an easy to find and inexpensive alternative to street drugs, and can signal a tendency to further substance abuse problems.

Healthier You. On the Teen Scene, Using Over-the-Counter Medications With Teens.
Headaches, fevers, rashes, sniffles, coughs and upset stomach-understand what you're taking -read the labels and ask questions.

Teen Health FX
Teens post questions and get sound medical advice on over-the-counter medications.