Health and Nutrition Resources for Children


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Be healthy! It's a girl thing: food, fitness, and feeling great, 2003. Grades 5-9. ISBN 0679890297

Being active, 2004. (Healthy Habits Series) Grades K-2. ISBN 1591975506

Body talk: the straight facts on fitness, nutrition & feeling great about yourself!, 2002. (Girl Zone Series) Grades 6-8. ISBN 1894379276

T he busy body book: a kid's guide to fitness, 2004. Grades PreK-1. ISBN 0375922032

Exercise: it's good for you! [videorecording], 2002. Grades K-2. ISBN 1567013341

Exercising for good health, 2003. (Living Well Series) Grades 2-4. ISBN 1592960812

Food, health and exercise [videorecording], 2003. Grades 7-12. ISBN 1555482686

Get some exercise, 2003. (Look After Yourself Series) Grades 1-3. ISBN 1403444404

Get strong!: Body by Jake's teenage guy's guide to building confidence, muscles and a great future, 2002. Grades 10-adult. ISBN 0743224779

Get with the program: getting real about your weight, health, and emotional well-being, 2002. Grade 10-adult. ISBN 0743225996

I love yoga: a guide for kids and teens, 2003. Grades 5-up. ISBN 088776598X

Little kicks: fitness workout for kids [videorecording], 2003. Grades K-3. ISBN 0970659619

Toning for teens: the 20-minute workout that makes you look good and feel great!, 2002. Grades 7-up. ISBN 0446678155

Winning weight training for girls: fitness and conditioning for sports, 2003. Grades 7-up. ISBN 0816051852

Other books about sports, health and nutrition

The Blood-Hungry Spleen by Alan Wolf, illustrated by Greg Clarke
Fabulous poems describe our body parts and how they work together; great illustrations.

Good Enough to Eat: A Kid's Guide to Food and Nutrition by Lizzy Rockwell
Describes all the nutrients needed to have good health and a good body. Easy to understand, lots of little facts on each page.

The Edible Pyramid: Good Eating Every Day by Loreen Leedy
Describes all the different types of food in the food pyramid by using the concept of a restaurant that serves all this food.

Honest Pretzels: And 64 Other Amazing Recipes for Cooks Ages 8 and Up by Mollie Katzen
Along with Pretend Soup, this is my favorite cookbook for kids. All vegetarian, all healthy, and lots of good-for-you ideas for kids and parents.

A Healthy Diet by Elaine Landau
Discusses nutrients, portion sizes and food pyramid. Includes glossary, sources and index. Illustrated with photos.

Good Enough to Eat: A Kid's Guide to Food and Nutrition by Lizzy Rockwell
Quick information in a picture book format

Resource list prepared by Susan Birkett, Community Services Manager, Boston Public Library, February 2005.