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The Amazing Way to Reverse Heart Disease Naturally: Beyond the Hypertension Hype; Why Drugs Are Not the Answer. Eric R. Braverman, Dasha Braverman. Basic Health Publications, 2004, 1591201071.
Dr. Braverman shares his 30- to 90-day program, and explains how patients have been able to lower their blood pressure and, in some case, even reverse the course of existing heart disease.

The American Medical Association Essential Guide to Hypertension. Pocket, 1998, 0671010158.
Explains all aspects of hypertension: what it is, who is at risk, how it affects the body, how it is diagnosed, and how it is treated.

A Change of Heart: How the People of Framingham, Massachusetts, Helped Unravel the Mysteries of Cardiovascular Disease. Daniel Levy, Susan Brink. Knopf, 2005, 0375412751.
The Framingham Heart Study provided conclusive evidence that cardiovascular disease is largely the result of risk factors, and that individuals can gain control over their heart health by looking carefully at their diet and lifestyle.

The DASH Diet Action Plan. Amidon Press, 2005, 0976340801.
The DASH Diet was proven in National Institutes of Health research to lower blood pressure and cholesterol without medication. This book shows how to follow the DASH diet.

Don't Eat Your Heart Out. Joseph C. Piscatella. Workman Publishing Company, 3rd edition, 2005, 0761135189.
Teaches cardiac patients how to cut the fat, salt and sugar in their diets-and then gives them the simple, healthy, taste-filled recipes.

Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure. Robyn Webb, Jamy D. Ard. Reader's Digest Association, 2004, 0762105089.
Offers more than 300 easy recipes and an innovative diet plan. Each recipe includes a nutritional analysis, cooking tips, flavor substitutions, and health benefits.

The Expert Guide to Beating Heart Disease: What You Absolutely Must Know. Harlan M. Krumholz. HarperResource, 2005, 0060578343.
Cardiovascular expert Dr. Harlan Krumholz presents seven strategies for reducing cardiac risk.

Heart Attack Prevention (Johns Hopkins White Papers 2005). Johns Hopkins Medical. Medletter Associates, 2005, 1933087072.
Written for consumers, the authors summarize the very latest research and findings from all of the major medical journals, discuss strategies for quitting smoking forever, and ways of lowering cholesterol naturally.

The Healthy Heart Miracle: Your Roadmap to Lifelong Health. Gabe Mirkin. HarperResource, 2005, 0060084480.
For those hoping to reduce their risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes, Dr. Mirkin offers a simple, 8-week plan that works with or without cholesterol or blood pressure-lowering drugs.

Mayo Clinic on High Blood Pressure. Sheldon G. Sheps. Mayo Clinic, 2nd edition, 2003, 1893005267.
This consumer text provides practical and easy-to-understand information on preventing and managing high blood pressure. Includes tips on controlling sodium, special risks, latest on medications, stress, DASH diet and recipes, high blood pressure emergencies, and treatment options.

Web Sites

American Heart Association
The mission of the American Heart Association is to reduce disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Their website offers a heart and stroke encyclopedia, and information on a healthy lifestyle, warning signs, and diseases and conditions. They also offer Interactive quizzes and online profiles that provide information specific to heart health concerns.

The American Society of Hypertension (ASH)
ASH is the largest US organization dedicated exclusively to hypertension and related cardiovascular disease. Their website offers hypertension guidelines, and information on hypertension statistics and drugs.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Cardiovascular Health
Provides fact sheets, statistical information, and other publications and resources.

MedlinePlus is a goldmine of good health information from the world's largest medical library, the National Library of Medicine. The site provides information on more than 650 health topic plus offers a health encyclopedia and dictionary.
Health information written in easy to understand language.

National Institute on Aging - Hearts and Arteries
Describes what happens in the heart and arteries during normal aging, in the absence of disease. National Institutes of Health - Heart Diseases
The site offers recipes, information about cholesterol, ways to improve cardiovascular health, information for women, and tips on becoming part of your health care team.

Spanish Language Materials

Como curar la hipertensión sin farmacos. Lovell-Smith, David. RBA. 8479019611. 2003. $19.95.

La hipertensión: todo lo que necesita saber. Castillo, Raul M. Imaginador. 9507684131. 2004. $10.95

Channing Bete pamhlets ($1.15 - $2.99 per copy)

  • You And Your Blood Pressure (Classic illus.) Spanish
  • Controlling High Blood Pressure (Realistic illus.) Spanish
  • Controlling High Blood Pressure (Low-literacy realistic illus.) Spanish
  • High Blood Pressure -- What You Should Know (Low-literacy realistic illus.) Spanish
  • You Can Control High Blood Pressure; A Self-Care Handbook (Handbook) Spanish

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Resources for Teens


High Blood Pressure. Susan R. Gregson. 2001 LifeMatters. 0736807500
What is hypertension, and why should teens care about it. Tips to begin a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Web Sites

KidsHealth For Teens: Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
High blood pressure-what it is, how it's measured, how it's controlled.

Parade Classroom Teens and Heart Disease 2/6/2005
Over 5 million U.S. teens are overweight--making changes to they way you eat and exercise now can mean fewer heart problems later.

WebMD Health. "Meditation Helps Teens Lower Blood Pressure"
African-American adolescents at risk for hypertension find that daily meditation can provide lasting health benefits.