Working with RUSA

RUSA has a number of tools to help you better understand the workings of the Association and guide you through the process of working with RUSA.

ALA Connect: Virtual Workspace for RUSA Committees

Hold virtual committee meetings by chatting online, posting documents, sending messages to your group, setting up an online poll/vote, or creating calendars with milestone dates. These are just some of the ways you can use ALA Connect to meet virtually and get organized around your group or committee. Get started with these simple instructions to access Connect. View the list of RUSA committees' Connect workspaces. You may also contact the RUSA office for assistance in getting started in Connect. See also Virtual Meetings below.


RUSA has a number of awards honoring professional achievement and outstanding fiction and reference works.See the listing of awards. Resources for the RUSA and Section award committee members are also available.

Open Meetings Policy: Board, Committee and Section Meetings

In accordance with ALA’s open meeting policy (7.4.4), "All meetings of the American Library Association and its units are open to all members and to members of the press. Registration requirements apply. Closed meetings may be held only for the discussion of matters affecting the privacy of individuals or institutions." Meeting announcements are made on the online discussion lists, on the homepage tab for ALA Connect, and in Connect workspaces. A list of all the RUSA Committees Connect workspaces is available, as well as our online discussion groups: enter RUSA or the Section Code (BRASS, CODES, HISTORY, MARS, RSS, or STARS) in the search field to see all of the RUSA lists.

Bylaws - RUSA

Bylaws of the Association

Committee Rosters

Charges and rosters for the RUSA Board of Directors, Committees, Task Forces, Discussion Groups, and Sections.

Conference Calls

RUSA offers free conference calls for committee work. There is a limited budget for these calls, so be sure to book your call early in the fiscal year. To reserve a time and day see "Requesting Use of a RUSA Toll-Free Teleconference Line".

Contact Information – RUSA Office

A listing of RUSA staff members with areas of responsibility and complete contact information.

Discussion Lists - RUSA

List of RUSA discussion lists to keep you informed about important issues within the Association and the reference field. Enter RUSA or the Section Code (BRASS, CODES, HISTORY, MARS, RSS, or STARS) in the search field to see the RUSA lists.


For an excellent overview of e-participation with practical resources and virtual participation tools, please refer to this excellent wiki created by LITA, the library and information technology division of ALA. For more information on how to set up a virtual meeting for a RUSA committee, see Virtual Meetings below.

Guide to Policies and Procedures

The complete Guide to Policies and Procedures for RUSA, covering committees, chapters, sections, appointments, awards, and more.

Committee Meeting Minutes and Reports

Minutes should be posted to the ALA Connect Workspace for each committee. Board reports are required twice a year for RUSA committees and sections. Meeting minutes and reports templates are provided, as well as the list of Committee workspaces in Connect.

Nominating Committees and Elections - RUSA

Information to assist members serving on RUSA and Section Nominating Committees is available in ALA Connect at: RUSA and Section Nominations .


Skype is a software application/IP telephone service provider that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet. Calls between users within the Skype service are free. Calls to people with landlines or cell phones who are not within Skype can be made for a fee using a prepaid account or a flat-fee annual subscription. Skype has also become popular for its additional features which include instant messaging, file transfer, and video conferencing.

Virtual Meetings

RUSA currently offers virtual meeting software, Adobe Connect, for RUSA committees. To set up a virtual meeting room and reserve a time and day for your meeting, please follow these instructions. Moderator training and features such as online polls, recording of sessions, and chats are included.

Volunteer for RUSA

Volunteer, or refer your friends and colleagues as volunteers, for RUSA’s many fun and worthwhile committees.