Program Planning Calendar

This page is designed to help program planning committees prepare programs, institutes and preconferences for the Annual Conference and Midwinter Conference.

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Annual Conference          

January (18 months in advance)
Annual conference and preconference programs proposed. Approved at Midwinter Conference, 18 months in advance.

June (12 months in advance)
Preconference budget finalized.
Program Committee members select speakers, review drafts of handouts/agenda, select co-sponsors, and decide whether to apply for audio taping services. They also decide if and when proceedings should be published and start communications with the Publications Committee.
Section Executive Committee approves proposal and Chair informs the Conference Program Coordinating Committee of proposal (prior to next scheduled meeting of the PCC). 
Conference Program Coordinating Committee evaluates Annual Conference program proposals and submits it/them to RUSA Board with recommendations about the program(s) and funding requested.

July (11 months in advance)
RUSA staff notify section chairs of approved program(s) and inform Committees of next steps.
Chair submits Preconference or Program Planning Form (attach ).
Preconference Committee completes any publications connected with the program.
Program Chair contacts speakers.
RUSA staff finalizes budget for preconferences and programs.

September (9 months in advance)
Preconference sponsorships due. 

October (8 months in advance)
Meeting Room request forms for programs and meetings due. ALA sends out reminder in advance.

January (5 months in advance)
Sections send out Early Bird Registration reminders for preconferences; also send out program previews.

February (4 months in advance)
first week: Section mails out promotional pieces (conference guides with membership push)
mid-month: Section sends out email promo
mid-month: Section sends out Early Bird Registration reminder for preconferences and programming previews.

March (3 months in advance)
Early Bird Registration ends.
Preconference Chairs submit final program copy.
Members submit Audio-Visual equipment orders.
Final copy of programs for preconferences and programs due. Final list of sponsorships due. All details approved.

April (2 months in advance)
RUSA Participant Evaluation form available for review by Program Chairs.
Preconference Chairs send RUSA staff copy of handout(s) to be reproduced.
Room assignments made. Begin making catering arrangements.
Speakers finalized; signed confirmation letters and waiver forms received.

May (1 month in advance)
Program descriptions posted to website.
Programs and Preconferences promoted through social media.
week 4: Program Chairs send RUSA staff copy of handout(s) to be reproduced; after May, copying must be done by ALA reproductions.
week 4: Large items (posters, banners, etc.) going to conference must be received by ALA office.

June (month of Annual Conference)
3-4 weeks before conference: blast listservs and blog about programming
3-4 weeks before conference: reminder sent out about preconferences; registration deadline.
1 week before conference: final head count due for catering at preconferences/institutes.

July (1 month after conference)
Preconference chair submits evaluation of program to RUSA staff.

Midwinter Conference    

March (10 months in advance)
Program Chair submits final copy of program.

April (9 months in advance)
Early Bird Registration ends.
Preconference Chair may use program evaluation forms available on RUSA website.

June (7 months in advance)
Program Chairs submit proposal to RUSA office.

September (4 months in advance)
Section promotes approved programs through social media, e-blasts, blogs, etc.

November (2 months in advance)
Program descriptions posted to website.