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Scheduling Programs

What are my responsibilities as a committee chairperson or interest group meeting scheduler?
 RUSA-level committee chairpersons and designated section schedulers are responsible for entering committee meetings and discussion groups into the online scheduler.

Programs, preconferences, board meetings and division-wide receptions and events (such as the RUSA Membership Social or the Book & Media Awards reception) are scheduled by staff, and should not be entered by members.

When should I start scheduling my meetings/discussion groups?
The online scheduling periods will be posted in mid-August and will be distributed to members responsible for meeting scheduling. Specific deadlines are posted in the division workspace in ALA Connect here. Documents to assist with scheduling for Annual 2014 are also posted in the RUSA workspace in ALA Connect, as well as the Connect group for RUSA Program and Preconference Planners



RUSA Resources

Lessons Learned: wisdom from past planning committees


Proposal Forms for Programs and Preconferences

Proposals for the 2015 Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference are due by June 1, 2014.

In completing this form, you are proposing an institute for the Midwinter Meeting 6 months from the time of this proposal submission, or a preconference for the Annual Conference 12 - 18 months from the time of this proposal submission. Institutes and preconferences are essentially the same thing: half or full day workshops held on the Friday prior to one of our meetings. The RUSA Board will review the proposals and funding requests and make their approval decisions by July 31.

Proposals must be submitted using the online form, which is accessible via the link below. There is a downloadable PDF of the proposal form available for your reference as you prepare to complete the online form.

2015 Program and Preconference Proposal Form (Online Form)
2015 Program and Preconference Proposal Form (Downloadable)


Preconferences and Institutes:

Promotion of Preconferences/Institutes/Workshops:

The earlier a preconference is marketed, the better your chances for a successful turn-out of members. Please use the following calendar as a guide to start your promotion of preconferences and institutes.


The RUSA Marketing Specialist works with each member planning committee to prepare a realistic budget for the Annual Conference Preconferences and Midwinter Institutes. The RUSA business goal of each is to set a minimum revenue goal of $1,000 over expenses. Expenses are variable and can include items such as:

  • A/V cart
  • A/V rental
  • ALA Overhead
  • Coffee breaks/refreshments
  • Breakfast
  • Computer
  • Electronic and print promos
  • Flip Chart
  • Floor microphone
  • Folders/Binders
  • Handouts, materials
  • Internet, high speed connect
  • Labor for A/V setup
  • Lavalier microphone(s)
  • LCD projector
  • Lunch
  • Mixer
  • Podium w/ microphone
  • Room Rental
  • Screen
  • Service Charge
  • Speaker Honoria
  • Speaker Hotel
  • Speaker Per Diem
  • Table microphone(s)
  • Taxes

See the budget template here   microsoft excel thumbnail image