BRASS Handbook

brass handbook

Table of Contents

Section I. Committee and Position Descriptions


Representatives to RUSA Committees


Section II. Rosters and Directory of Committee Members

2012-2013 BRASS Committee Roster

Section III. Documents and Forms


BRASS Executive Committee Minutes - Current plus Previous Two Years

Tips for New & Continuing BRASS Committee Chairs

  1. Introduction 1/6/08
  2. Timetable for BRASS Committee Chairs 1/6/08
  3. Scheduling BRASS Committee Meetings 1/6/08
  4. Vendor Sponsorship of BRASS Committee Activities 1/6/08
  5. ALA/RUSA/BRASS Survey Guidelines 1/6/08
  6. Procedures for Archiving BRASS Documents 1/6/08
  7. Tips for Editors Working on BRASS-Sponsored RUSA Occasional Papers 1/6/08
  8. BRASS Web Site Tips for Committee Chairs 1/6/08
  9. Tips for the BRASS Chair, Past Chair and Vice-Chair 1/6/08
  10. Appendix A - Master Meeting Schedule for BRASS Committees 01/10/08

Resources for BRASS Committees


Section IV. Committee Documents
Current Years' Minutes
Current Years' Correspondence
Previous Two Years' Minutes
Previous Two Years' Correspondence

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