Program Planning

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Scheduling Programs

The procedure for scheduling programs in 2016 is undergoing changes. Please check back to this page soon for new information.


Tip Sheet:

Lessons Learned: wisdom from past planning committees

Proposing a Conference Program or Preconference/Institute 

Proposals for the 2016 Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference are due by May 11, 2015.

Proposals must be submitted to the appropriate section for approval. Once approved, proposals should be entered in the ALA/RUSA online program proposal system here. You must login using your ALA login.

Proposals must be submitted to and approved by the appropriate section prior to being submitted via the online form. For more information about how to submit a proposal to a RUSA section, contact the section chair.  Section chair contact information can be found in the Section Executive Committee rosters here

All program and preconference/institute proposals will be reviewed by the RUSA Conference Program Coordinating Committee, who will recommend their selections to the RUSA board for approval at annual conference 2015. Program planners will be notified soon thereafter.

Promotion of Preconferences and Institutes:

The earlier a preconference is marketed, the better your chances for a successful turn-out of members. The RUSA office will start promoting the programs regularly in all the official division communication tools as soon as they receive program information, but the most effective marketing is the use of your own contacts including personal online discussion groups, colleagues, e-newsletters, state chapters, other librarian associations, etc.

Budgeting for Preconferences/Institutes:

The RUSA Marketing Manager works with each member planning committee to prepare a realistic budget for the Annual Conference Preconferences and Midwinter Institutes. The RUSA business goal of each is to set a minimum revenue goal of $1,500 over expenses. Expenses are variable and can include items such as:

  • A/V cart
  • A/V rental
  • ALA Overhead
  • Coffee breaks/refreshments
  • Breakfast
  • Computer
  • Electronic and print promos
  • Flip Chart
  • Floor microphone
  • Folders/Binders
  • Handouts, materials
  • Internet, high speed connect
  • Labor for A/V setup
  • Lavalier microphone(s)
  • LCD projector
  • Lunch
  • Mixer
  • Podium w/ microphone
  • Room Rental
  • Screen
  • Service Charge
  • Speaker Honoria
  • Speaker Hotel
  • Speaker Per Diem
  • Table microphone(s)
  • Taxes

See the budget template here   microsoft excel thumbnail image