Meet Them Where They Are: 6 Steps to Market Research Success

This webinar presents 6 fundamental steps to follow to conduct market research. It illustrates the differences between 5 market research methods and explains how to select the right method. This webinar is distinct from others because it provides a quick, easy, and effective way to begin market research, regardless of the level of expertise of the attendees.

Librarians regularly conduct market research, even if they never use the phrase. Libqual, NSSE, interviews, community surveys, and usability testing are all regular means of market research. For librarians who are unsure of what method to select, this course will help lay the foundation, explaining what the purpose is for market research, what the advantages and disadvantages are for surveys, focus groups, observational studies, interviews, and usability testing, and what it takes to get a successful start with market research. The approach will be to present each method with examples of how the method should be used in libraries and why. Examples will be provided for academic, special, and public libraries.

After each method is presented, the audience will be asked what questions or comments they have, as well as asked to share their experiences. Ten minutes will be left at the end of the presentation for additional Q&A. I will illustrate the methods by showing example interview guides and research plans, with quick polls to determine what level of experience the audience has with each method.

Learning Outcomes

  • Attendees will be able to approach market research with greater confidence.
  • Attendees will understand why to conduct market research.
  • Attendees will understand the benefits and differences between 5 options for gathering market research.

Who Should Attend

Librarians involved in helping entrepreneurs build a business, librarians who are developing a new service in the library, librarians who are working on the SWOT analysis for a strategic plan, and librarians who are seeking to understand and improve the user experience all benefit from understanding the principles of market research. This can include business librarians, administrators, public services and librarians of all types, systems librarians, electronic resources librarians, collection development librarians, and librarians on marketing committees.


Elisabeth Leonard, a librarian whose current job is to conduct market research. She has an MBA and an MLS.


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