Library Services to an Aging Population

Senior Sites on the Web

AARP -- Invaluable site on all things pertaining to aging and retirement.
Alliance for Retired Americans -- An activist group supporting such causes as Medicare, Social Security, housing and Meals on Wheels.
Coalition for Quality Patient Care -- A consumer group dedicated to improving America's healthcare system. Provides statistics on on healthcare and info on how to choose a health plan.
National Aging Information Center -- The National Aging Information Center is a service of the Federal Administration on Aging (AoA) offering information on AoA funded research products and computerized literature retrieval.

Health Resources
Food & Drug Administration -- This site offers the full range of publications put out by the FDA. Includes info on Arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer and women's health. Bilingual
Alzheimer's Association Home Page -- Excellent resources on Alzheimer's Disease! Covers research and current treatment/diagnosis as well as providing useful information on living with Alzheimer's.
Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center -- Another excellent site devoted to Alzheimer's research.
The Alzheimer Page -- An educational resource on Alzheimer's Disease.

Elder Law/Elder Abuse
Elder Abuse Prevention -- Defines elder abuse and explains how to recognise abuse and what to do about it. Soon to be available in Spanish!
Elder Law -- Provides information on Health & Welfare law, and Wills, Estates & Trusts as well as links to other Elder Law sites in the US and Canada.
Court TV Elder Law Center -- Court TV's site has a large list of Elder Law organizations nationwide, and provides links to information on Medicare, pensions, wills and Social Security.
Elder Law and Legal Resources Web Directory -- This thorough site has links to legal organizations, Federal, state and local agencies, tax information, health and elder abuse resources.
National Senior Citizens Law Center -- This sites provides links to legal infomation concerning health, employment discrimination, and consumer concerns as well as general information of interest to seniors.

Estate/Retirement Planning
A Crash Course in Wills and Trusts -- Offers good, basic information on estate planning.
Retirement and Estate Planning from Quicken -- Take the financial quiz! This site is provided by the folks who developed the financial software, Quicken.
Social Security Administration Online -- Everything you ever wanted to know about Social Security. This site is full of useful information.
Senior Living Center - Address a variety of topics on the subject of senior living.

Senior.Com -- A large online magazine with plenty to read and lots of online activities. Create your own webpage, make new friends, get travel tips and discounts... Senior.Com has a very wide range of offerings for the saavy senior.
Senior Women Web -- Finally!! A Website which addresses the concerns of women aged 50 and older. Excellent articles covering a broad range of topics and interests. Links to multi- cultural and international sites as well.
Third Age -- Targeted more toward Baby Boomers, Third Age offers political stories, family-oriented material and technology help as well as financial tips, travel information, chat and more.

Searchable Sites/Directories
ElderSearch -- A comprehensive database for locating housing options, health resources, legal, and financial information.
Senior Living Alternatives -- The Nationwide Directory for housing alternatives. Find nursing homes and other alternative living arrangements in your area. Includes a home health care checklist.
Senior Livinng Map -- offers state-by-state search for various senior services.

Of General Interest to Seniors
ElderCare Web Homepage -- Provides information on various issues including legal/legislative, health and finances.
The Senior Center -- This site has good genealogical links for those who are researching family.
Age Page -- Go to an auction, place a personal ad, learn about sexuality on this fun and exciting website.
Seniors Site -- an online community for seniors and their families