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Join a RUSA Listerv to access our network of experts and expand your knowledge and skills.

First-time Users

First-time users should go to the  ALA Mailing Lists Service Web page and select 'Login'. Click 'First Login?' and request a password. Once the password has arrived, return to the interface and log-in.  Click "Index of Lists" to view all public lists. For RUSA lists you can "Browse lists by categories".


Subscribe to a List

Click on the name of the list you wish to join, click the red "subscribe" link on the left-hand side of the page.  That's it!  You'll receive confirmation of the subscription via email. View RUSA Listservs


Manage your Subscriptions

Manage your subscriptions by logging in to the  ALA Mailing Lists Service Web page and clicking the "My Lists" (My Links can be found in the drop down menu under your name).  From here, click on the name of the list you wish to administer.




For questions regarding the Listservs, please feel free to contact RUSA staff member Shuntai Sykes at ssykes@ala.org.