Xtreme Bibliographic Searching for Interlibrary Loan & Reference

Apr. 20 - May 17, 2015, asynchronous (Live Sessions on Thursdays, Time 1 p.m. CST)

Users expect the impossible.  Xtreme Bibliographic Searching  for reference and interlibrary loan will show you sources and techniques to make the impossible possible.    Bad citations, international publications, unpublished works, extremely old and extremely new materials may not be lost causes for a skilled searcher with a few tricks and tools.   This four-week class, taught by Christina Baich from IUPUI and Collette Mak from Notre Dame will take you from Mansel Pre 56 to Digital Repositories, DOAJ to Trove to HathiTrust.  Don’t know those terms?  This course is for you!

The Method: Lecture, demonstrations, homework with student presentations of solutions

The Need: increasingly ILL operations are run by clerks without formal training resulting in an over reliance on WorldCat and licensed content.

This course goes beyond the basic tools to creative problem solving—using traditional tools in untraditional ways to fill requests. Content covered:

  • Reading a MARC record
  • General MARC (which chunks describe the content, which describe the format, where the standard numbers are)
  • Searching Monographs
  • Monographic series
  • CIP
  • Articles cataloged as books
  • Conference proceedings
  • Dissertations
  • Chapter level information
  • Serials
  • Abbreviations
  • Title changes
  • Holding statements
  • Fixing citations
  • Google, publisher sites without passing the paywall
  • Untraditional tools, LinkedIn, academia.edu, PubMed, Google scholar Finding and communicating with authors
  • Linked in, Academia.edu, other sources
  • How to approach authors for best results Open Access Resources
  • Open Access journals
  • Open Access requirements in the US
  • Digital repositories Member sites for non-members
  • HaithiTrust
  • CRL Old school—NUC Locating international publications

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to correct bad citations using Google scholar, PubMed, publisher web sites and other freely available web sites
  • Ability to search and use resources such as HathiTrust and CRL, even if the library is not a member, as bibliographic verification tools
  • Ability to use institutional repositories , Open Access resources, social network sites such as LinkedIn and academia.edu as bibliographic verification tools and fulfillment sources


  • Tina Baich, Interlibrary Loan Librarian, IUPUI University Library
  • Collette Mak, Head of Resource Access and Delivery, University of Notre Dame, and formerly Resource Sharing Product Manager at OCLC 


How to Register

  • Online
  • By Fax: download, complete, and fax form (PDF format) to (312) 280-1538
  • By Mail: download, complete, and mail form (PDF format) to American Library Association, ATTN: MACS/Online CE Registration, 50 E. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611


Questions about your registration should be directed to registration@ala.org. Technical questions about the webinar should be directed to Andrea Hill, RUSA Web Manager, at ahill@ala.org. 

Thank you and we look forward to your participation! 


  • $130 for RUSA members
  • $175 for ALA members
  • $210 for non-ALA members
  • $100 for student members and retired members