On-Demand Webinar Archives

These RUSA recorded webinars below, which were presented last year can be downloaded for a reduced rate from the original live webinar price. They can all be downloaded from this page. Please click on the title to view information about the webinar. The 'Download Now' link will take you to the ordering page for each webinar (login required).

Presenter(s) Title   Date
Chad Boeninger Using Web Video to Promote Library Resources and Your Expertise Download Now 7/30/2013
Melissa Mallon Meet Them Where They Are: 6 Steps To Market Research Success Download Now 8/2/2013
Ilana Barnes, Tao Zhang User Experience Research 101 Download Now 3/5/2014
Ilana Barnes, Tao Zhang How To Conduct Usability Studies: A Librarian Primer Download Now 4/9/2014
Andy Spackman Mastering Business Acumen: MBA in a Day – Marketing Download Now 3/20/2014
Elisabeth Leonard Mastering Business Acumen: MBA in a Day – Management Download Now 4/4/2014
Todd Hines Mastering Business Acumen: MBA in a Day – Accounting Download Now 5/1/2014
Shikha Sharma Mastering Business Acumen: MBA in a Day – Finance Download Now 5/15/2014
Rita Smith, Teresa Walker, and Ingrid Ruffin Facilitating Institutional Change Through Mentoring Download Now 5/21/2014
Hubert David Womack Bringing Big Outdoor Games into the Academic Library, the Why and How Download Now 5/28/2014


Free Webcasts:

Presenter(s) Title   Date
Gail Griffith Managing Changes to Reference Services (Sponsored by Just Ask) Watch here 12/4/2013
Stephanie Gerding Got a minute?: How to Prepare Your Parking Lot Speech (Sponsored by Just Ask) Watch here 2/12/2014
Kit Keller, Chris LeBeau, Elizabeth Malafi, & Andy Spackman Financial Literacy Education/Guidelines Project - View presentation Watch here 9/25/2014
Joann Kahn and Margaret Monsour 6 Fun & Easy Financial Literacy Programs & How to Do Them Watch here 10/9/2014


The webinar titles below are available to RUSA members only. Some of these webinars are produced by RUSA sections, specified in parentheses. They are free to RUSA members and may be purchased by non-RUSA members here: http://www.ala.org/rusa/development/webinars/free

Non-RUSA members can browse and purchase these and other RUSA webinar recordings on the ALA Webcast page.

Presenter(s) Title   Date
Amber Case & Cherie' Weible Finding Dead People (Sponsored by STARS) Download Now 10/16/2013
Stephen Abram, Lettie Y. Conrad, Jackie Ricords, & Peggy Fulton Are Users Finding Our Online Reference Resources? (Sponsored by CODES) Download Now 11/20/2013
Jennifer Boettcher Industry Research using the Economic Census and Other Government Sources (Sponsored by BRASS) Download Now 12/11/2013
Trisha Prevett Strategies for Pizazz:  Rebuilding One-Shots into Engaging Instruction Session Download Now 2/10/2014