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Presenter(s) Title   Date
Stephen Abram, Lettie Y. Conrad, Jackie Ricords, & Peggy Fulton Are Users Finding Our Online Reference Resources? (Sponsored by CODES) Download Now 11/20/2013
Shauna Griffin and Rebecca Honeycutt Book Annotations: Short and Snappy Made Easy  Download Now 11/6/2014
Hubert David Womack Bringing Big Outdoor Games into the Academic Library, the Why and How  Download Now 5/28/2014
Catherine Fahey, Tara K. Fitzpatrick, and Marcela Y. Isuster Embedded Librarianship Across Disciplines  Download Now 12/9/2014
Rita Smith, Teresa Walker, and Ingrid Ruffin Facilitating Institutional Change Through Mentoring Download Now 5/21/2014
Amber Case & Cherie' Weible Finding Dead People (Sponsored by STARS) Download Now 10/16/2013
Emily Treptow and Sarah Singer GlobalEDGE: Your Free Resource for Global Business Knowledge  Download Now 12/11/2014
Ilana Barnes, Tao Zhang How To Conduct Usability Studies: A Librarian Primer  Download Now 4/9/2014
Jennifer Boettcher Industry Research using the Economic Census and Other Government Sources (Sponsored by BRASS) Download Now 12/11/2013
Todd Hines Mastering Business Acumen: MBA in a Day – Accounting  Download Now 5/1/2014
Shikha Sharma Mastering Business Acumen: MBA in a Day – Finance  Download Now 5/15/2014
Elisabeth Leonard Mastering Business Acumen: MBA in a Day – Management Download Now 4/4/2014
Andy Spackman Mastering Business Acumen: MBA in a Day – Marketing Download Now 3/20/2014
Melissa Mallon Meet Them Where They Are: 6 Steps To Market Research Success Download Now 8/2/2013
Trisha Prevett Strategies for Pizazz:  Rebuilding One-Shots into Engaging Instruction Session Download Now 2/10/2014
Ilana Barnes, Tao Zhang User Experience Research 101 Download Now 3/5/2014
Chad Boeninger Using Web Video to Promote Library Resources and Your Expertise Download Now 7/30/2013

Free Webcasts:

Presenter(s) Title   Date
Joann Kahn and Margaret Monsour 6 Fun & Easy Financial Literacy Programs & How to Do Them Watch here 10/9/2014
Cindy Needles Fletcher and Rebecca Teasdale Beyond the Basics of Personal Finance: Helping Library Patrons Help Themselves Watch here 1/14/2015
Cindy Needles Fletcher and Rebecca Teasdale Helping Library Patrons Put Their Financial House in Order Watch here 1/13/2015