Learning Opportunities & Knowledge Coordination Task Force


The Task Force had a large charge that can be summarized as follows:

  1. Define the possible options for professional education, programming and publications. Identify requirements, learning outcomes, responsibilities, and costs associated with each, including payments to instructors as appropriate. Identify the activities currently being provided by RUSA and describe those being provided by other ALA divisions. Investigate the free and paid webinar content now being made available by ALA and by Booklist and its potential impact on RUSA professional development activities.
  2. Create a vision for a coordinated approach to continuing education, programs, and publications, including the RUSA web site and distance learning technologies, which will provide members with quality information and learning opportunities both at conferences and outside of conferences.
  3. Develop a coordinated plan, with measurable goals, objectives and assessment methods, that recommends appropriate learning/presentation options, identifies best practices for use of each presentation option, and establishes the roles of section level and RUSA level committees involved in this work. Identify areas for which RUSA will charge for participation. Create or recommend procedures as appropriate. This will guide the work of RUSA and its sections for the next 3-5 years.
  4. Create a sustainable plan for virtual programs and webinars that can be presented outside of conferences, including the process for review and approval of proposals, budgetary requirements, staffing and technology needs, and the responsibilities of the group creating a learning activity.
  5. Develop requirements and guidelines for pages on the RUSA web site that include regular review and refresh of information, user-centered practices, and easy to use templates.
  6. Consult widely within RUSA and gather information from RUSA and section documents.


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Staff Liaison

Andrea Hill
Web Services Mgr.