MARS Representatives to RUSA Committees

RUSA Access to Information Services
Lesley Bell (2006-08)

RUSA Board of Directors
M. Katheen Kern (MARS Chair 2006-07)

RUSA Conference Program Coordinating
Mary M. Mintz (2005-07)

RUSA Membership
Jill A. Moriearty (2005-07)

RUSA Nominating
Marcella Stark (2004-05)

Doris Ann Sweet (2006-07)

RUSA Organization
Becki Whitaker (2005-07)

RUSA Planning and Finance
Mary M. Mintz (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect 2006-07)

Mary Popp (Past Chair 2006-07)

RUSA Professional Development Committee
Linda Keiter (Member 2006-08)

RUSA Publications
Carolyn Larson (2005-06)

RUSA Standards and Guidelines
Kathleen Kern (2004-07)