Catch up with RUSA!

As we continue to adjust to our new normal and you find yourself a little disconnected, we invite you to listen and catch up with these complimentary RUSA Webinars. The title, description and link to the recordings are listed below. 

A Tree Without Roots Cannot Grow: Assisting African American Patrons with Beginning Genealogy Research


For African Americans, piecing together family history presents unique challenges. Fortunately, there are now wonderful local and online sources with collections of data that can help. In this new 60-minute webinar, you’ll gain skills to help African American patrons begin researching their family history and better understand their legacy. You’ll learn what types of questions to ask, what types of resources are available, and where to look for resources so you can better assist your community at the reference desk.

Virtual Video Reference: Connecting with Patrons at a Distance 11/7/2018

Speakers: Carmen Cole and Victoria Raish

What is the best way to serve a patron's information need at a distance? Academic and public libraries may utilize virtual chat or email to answer reference questions, but do those reference models always serve as the best communication method? An additional means of providing virtual reference is via video conferencing platforms.

Presenters will discuss practical tips for utilizing video conferencing platforms for virtual reference, establishing rapport with patrons using this medium, and how to determine when video may be an appropriate option for conducting a reference transaction. Situated in quality reference as a whole, the presenters will explore this model of serving patrons no matter their location.

Exploring Local Business and Industry Data 1/15/2019

Speaker: Grace Liu

The webinar will share what the presenter has learned from her unique experience of aggregating more than 200 data programs related to local business and industries. The webinar intends to answer the questions such as "who creates local data?" "What data is available at more granular, below state level?", "What are the hidden treasures that were often neglected by data researchers?", what are the strategies for finding local business statistics and data?"

Advocacy, Community and Information Literacy: Using Wikipedia Edit-a-thon to Advance Your Library’s Strategic Priorities -  2/22/2019

Speakers: Kristan Shawgo, Therese Trimph, Alice Whiteside, and Emily Jack

Wikipedia occupies an unusual niche in our information landscape; it is both a website an a community of volunteer editors striving to compile the sum of all human knowledge. Librarians are uniquely positioned both to navigate Wikipedia better. Hosting an edit-a-thon can provide entry point for librarians to begin engaging with Wikipedia.

In this session, the presenters will address the many benefits of hosting an edit-a-thon, including community engagement, professional enrichment and opportunities for modeling and teaching information literacy practices; discuss the ways in which edit-a-thons can serve as a platform for advocacy by filling in gaps in Wikipedia's coverage of certain topics.

Online Learning Resources: Creating Instructional Objects - 11/5/2019

Speakers: Amy Bush, Erik Fausak and Melinda Livas

Is your library interested in creating online tools like videos and infographics? This webinar outlines how the library at the University of California, Davis, formed a working group to strategically develop best practices for creating high quality instructional objects. They identified two types of instructional objects: static instructional objects are text and image tutorials and dynamic instructional objects offer audio and video. The working group laid the foundation and trained librarians across the organization to successfully create instructional objects that ensure the following elements: consistency & quality, instructional design & assessment, accessibility & ADA compliance, and metadata & archives.

If you have limited resources and would like to begin creating static instructional objects and video tutorials for your library this is a must see webinar because we will share our experience and resources with you. 

 Member Only Content: Beginning in March 2020, RUSA held a four-part Webinar Series titled "Data in Libraries" presented by outstanding top-notch speakers. The recordings and corresponding documents are available here