Emerald Research Grant Award

"The Emerald Group Publishing Limited has a long-standing commitment to support the research community via a number of methods including doctoral and research fund awards, benefiting both those at the outset of their academic careers and the more established researchers."

The Emerald Research Grant Award will be awarded to an individual seeking support to conduct research in business librarianship. The funds may be used at the discretion of the award recipient. An award recipient must be an ALA member or at least one member of a collaborative team must be an ALA member. The recipient may be asked to present their findings at a public BRASS event within two years of receiving the award (at the discretion of the BRASS Executive Committee). The recipient will also be required to acknowledge the Emerald Research Grant when publishing or presenting their research.

One $5,000 award will be presented. The award (check and citation) will be presented at the RUSA Awards Ceremony at the annual conferences each year. The recipient will be required to attend the RUSA Awards Ceremony.

*Monetary award amounts are subject to change without notice and are contingent upon donor funding supplied at the time the award is presented. Questions about these awards should be directed to the committee chairperson or to Leighann Wood, RUSA awards program coordinator, at lwood@ala.org.

Submission of Proposals

Candidates must submit a detailed proposal to the committee chair outlining their proposed research project; methodology, scope and timetable; how this project fits into the existing literature; and projected outcomes, including a statement outlining how this research will benefit the library profession. Proposals will be reviewed for thoroughness; potential to positively impact the library profession; and potential to provide a useful addition to the existing library literature. Proposals will be accepted from both individual researchers and those working collaboratively. At least one member of a collaborative team must be a member of ALA.


2014 Ilana Barnes and Tao Zhang, Purdue University
2013 Jennifer Boettcher
2012 Kerry Wu and Heidi E. K. Senior; Louise Mort Feldmann
2011 Diane K. Campbell and Ronald G. Cook / Peter Jacso
2010 Tao Jin, PhD, School of Library and Information Science, Louisiana State University;
Kevin Harwell, Schreyer Business Library, Penn State University
2009 Ann Fiegen; Bryna Coonin