RUSA Achievement Awards

Achievement Awards


ReferenceUSA Award for Excellence in Reference and Adult Services
Established in 1990, the Award for Excellence in Reference and Adult Library Services is a citation and $1,500* award presented to a library or library system for developing an imaginative and unique resource to meet patrons' reference needs. Sponsored by ReferenceUSA.

Isadore Gilbert Mudge Award
The Isadore Gilbert Mudge Award was established in 1958. It presents a cash award of $5,000* and a citation to an individual who has made a distinguished contribution to reference librarianship. Sponsored by Credo.

John Sessions Memorial Award
Established in 1980, the John Sessions Memorial Award recognizes a library or library system which has made a significant effort to work with the labor community and by doing so has brought recognition to the history and contribution of the labor movement to the development of the United States. Such efforts may include outreach projects to local labor unions; establishment of, or significant expansion of, special labor collections; initiation of programs of special interest to the labor community; or other library activities that serve the labor community. The winner receives a plaque. Sponsored by the Department for Professional Employees, AFL-CIO.

NoveList's Margaret E. Monroe Library Adult Services Award
Established in 1985, the Margaret E. Monroe Award is $1,250* and a citation presented to a librarian who has made significant contributions to library adult services. The individual may be practicing librarian, a library and information science researcher or educator, or a retired librarian who has brought distinction to the profession's understanding and practice or services for adults. Sponsored by NoveList.

Reference Service Press Award
This award has been discontinued as of September 22, 2016.


Business Reference and Services Section (BRASS)

BRASS Global Financial Data Academic Business Librarianship Travel Award
This $1,250* award recognizes a librarian new to the field of academic business librarianship in order to support attendance to the ALA Annual Conference. Sponsored by Global Financial Data.

BRASS Emerald Research Grant Award
The Emerald Research Grant Award will be awarded to individuals seeking support to conduct research in business librarianship. The funds may be used at the discretion of the award recipients. Sponsored by Emerald Group Publishing.

BRASS Mergent Excellence in Business Librarianship Award
Established in 1989, the Excellence in Business Librarianship Award presents a citation and $4,000* cash award to an individual who has made a significant contribution to business librarianship. Sponsored by Mergent by FTSE Russell

BRASS SimplyAnalytics Student Travel Award
This award consists of $1,250* and is given to a student enrolled in an ALA accredited master's degree program to fund travel to and attendance at the ALA Annual Conference and a one-year membership in the Business Reference and Services Section (BRASS) of RUSA. Sponsored by SimplyAnalytics.

BRASS Morningstar Public Librarian Support Award
This award, $1,250*, is to support the attendance at Annual Conference of a public librarian who has performed outstanding business reference service and who requires financial assistance to attend the ALA Annual Conference. Sponsored by Morningstar.

Collection Development and Evaluation Section (CODES)

Louis Shores Award
Established in 1990, this award recognizes an individual reviewer, group, editor, review medium or organization for excellence in book reviewing and other media for libraries.

Zora Neale Hurston Award
This annual award, founded in 2008, provides $1,250 for funds to travel to the ALA Annual Conference, tickets to the United for Libraries' Gala Author Tea and two sets of  Zora Neale Hurston books published by Harper Perennial, to an individual ALA member who has demonstrated leadership in promoting African American literature. Sponsored by HarperCollins Publishers.

Emerging Technologies Section (ETS)

ETS Achievement Award
The ETS Achievement  Award is given annually to recognize excellence in service to ETS. This award is given to an individual who is a current member of ETS, and has been an active member for the past two years.

HISTORY Section (HS)

Online History Award
This biannual award is given to a publisher of reference materials in the field of history. The award recognizes the accomplishments of a person or a group of people producing (1) a freely available online historical collection, or (2) an online tool tailored for the purpose of finding historical materials, or (3) an online teaching aid stimulating creative historical scholarship. Prize includes a citation. This award will be offered next in 2018.

Gale Cengage History Research and Innovation Award
Established in 2012, the Gale Cengage History Research and Innovation Award winner will receive a citation and up to $2,500* which may be used at the winner’s discretion. This award will be granted to an MLS degreed librarian from an ALA accredited school to facilitate and further research relating to history and history librarianship. An emphasis in an area reflected by the History Section’s subject-oriented committees, not excluding American history, is required.  Those committees are: Genealogy, Local History, Instruction and Research Services, and Historical Materials. Sponsored by Gale, A Cengage Company.

Genealogy / History Achievement Award
Established in 1992, this award presents a citation and $1,500* cash to a librarian, library or publisher and recognizes professional achievement in historical reference and research librarianship. Sponsored by ProQuest.

Reference Services Section (RSS)

RSS Service Achievement Award
This annual award, founded in 2010, is given to an RSS member who has made either a sustained contribution towards attaining the goals of the Reference Services Section or a single significant contribution that has resulted in a positive impact upon the work of the section.

Sharing and Transforming Access to Resources Section (STARS)

STARS-Atlas Systems Mentoring Award
This award offers two $1,250* prizes to fund travel expenses associated with attending ALA’s annual conference. The recipients will be library practitioners who are new to the field of interlibrary loan/document delivery or electronic reserves, and who have daily, hands-on involvement in the areas of borrowing, lending, document delivery, electronic reserves, material delivery, or resource sharing. Sponsored by Atlas Systems, Inc.

Virginia Boucher-OCLC Distinguished ILL Librarian Award
The Virginia Boucher-OCLC Distinguished ILL (Interlibrary Loan) Librarian Award is an annual award consisting of $2,000* and a citation. It recognizes a librarian for outstanding professional achievement, leadership, and contributions to interlibrary loan and document delivery through recent publication of significant professional literature, participation in professional associations, and/or innovative approaches to practice in individual libraries. Sponsored by OCLC,

***Please note that monetary award amounts are subject to change without notice and are contingent upon donor funding supplied at the time the award is presented.