Strategic Plan - To be revised in 2019-2020

RUSA’s strategic priorities as described in the 2015-2018 RUSA Strategic Plan

Core Purpose:

RUSA is a member community engaged in advancing the practices of connecting people to resources, information services, and collections.

Core Organizational Values:

  • Building relationships among members from all types of libraries
  • Encouraging openness, innovation, and idea sharing
  • Promoting excellence in library services and resources 


RUSA is an influential and authoritative organization, essential to the work of anyone engaged in the practices of connecting people to resources, information services, and collections.

Vivid Description of a Desired Future:

RUSA is known for signature products made available through a variety of innovative formats.

The association’s services are relevant, accessible, and clearly contribute to the success of its members at all stages of their careers. RUSA members benefit professionally through relevant programming featuring the newest trends, technology and services.

Participation in the association’s programming is considered essential to professional growth and to advancing libraries to meet new user needs. The strength of RUSA is reflected in its diversity of collaborative, innovative and engaged members who participate in collegial mentoring and networking. RUSA is renowned as a leading advocate group for library resources, information services and collections, and is recognized throughout ALA and beyond for its expertise.

Operating principles:

  • Maximize time of RUSA staff and volunteers by operating as efficiently as possible
  • Manage our financial resources responsibly
  • Cooperate and collaborate with other divisions and groups in ALA
  • Enable virtual participation whenever possible
  • Emphasize the importance of marketing and communication to ensure that members are aware of all opportunities

Strategic Goals and Objectives (3 Years)

Goal #1: Create an organization with greater flexibility in structure, enabling members to pursue their areas of interest in a variety of ways with minimal barriers to involvement.


1.1 Create a proposal to transition RUSA to a new organizational structure based on interest groups with a goal of reducing the complexity of the organization and better serving the members' needs.

1.2 Create a process that allows members to become more easily involved in RUSA

1.3 Offer more flexibility in programming so that opportunities are accessible to all librarians regardless of their ability to travel to conference

Goal #2: Offer services, programs and products that maximize the value of membership, making RUSA a good return on investment for its members and encouraging member engagement, recruitment and retention.


2.1 Develop and expand educational resources and experiences that are of high value to many members, including education on cutting edge and advanced topics

2.2 Respond to changes in ALA conference structure to ensure excellence in conference programming and delivery

2.3 Maximize impact of RUSA publications and communications

2.4 Increase opportunities for members to network with colleagues with similar interests

2.5 Maximize the exposure and prestige of RUSA through awards

2.6 Increase recruitment activities

2.7 Boost retention strategies through member engagement