2011-2012 Goals, Strategies, and Objectives

1.  Disperse information about emerging technologies in reference through both in-person and virtual venues 
MARS should identify ways to disperse information about emerging technologies in reference through both in-person and virtual venues, such as webinars and blogs.  As RUSA increases its outreach efforts through online continuing education opportunities, it is even more important that the sections of RUSA mirror this effort. 

2.  Increase the membership of MARS through greater opportunities for virtual participation 
In these challenging economic times, professional development budgets are in many cases shrinking. At the same time, technology is providing greater opportunities for virtual collaborations. Embracing these emerging technologies will allow MARS to be more accessible to a larger number of potential members. 

3.  Examine MARS committees to ensure that each uniquely supports the objectives of the section 
Committees should be periodically reviewed to determine if there is too much overlap in their missions or if general interest in their charge has declined.  If there are new areas of interest that support emerging technologies in reference, the creation of new committees should be considered.  These combined efforts will ensure that MARS is viewed as adaptable and relevant in these fast changing times. 

4.  Increase promotion of MARS activities and events 
MARS creates wonderful opportunities to learn and share knowledge each year through programs, webinars, blogs, and pre-conferences/workshops.  These events should be highly publicized to increase the visibility and membership of MARS. 

5.  Assess opportunities provided by MARS 
Conducting assessment of activities provided by MARS such as programs, webinars, and blogs, provides valuable insight for the section.  In addition, reviewing the impact of general decisions about the section (such as in-person vs. virtual participation at Midwinter) will help guide future actions of MARS and its committees.