2002-2003 Goals, Strategies, and Objectives


MARS Goals 2002-03

  1. Complete the 2001-2002 MARS Section review, addressing any issues raised and implementing appropriate changes suggested by the results.
  2. Explore possibilities for future RUSA/MARS pre-conferences and encourage committee-sponsored programs that promote the mission of RUSA/MARS.
  3. Establish a discussion group dealing with digital reference issues.
  4. Explore feasibility of a fee-based reference resources "best" list similar to the MARS Best Free Reference Web Sites.
  5. Encourage a broader and more active membership in the MARS Section.
    1. Look at membership roster and consider the need for targeted outreach.
    2. Seek ways to promote more active participation by the membership in committees and discussion groups.
  6. Focus on current issues in technology and the provision of electronic reference, such as:
    1. Educating and preparing reference service personnel for the future, especially digital and live reference.
    2. Discussing the role of direct-to-the-consumer electronic services such as Ask Jeeves or refdesk.com. How do we define ourselves with respect to these services? Do they supplant or do they supplement library reference services?
    3. In light of recent heightened security concerns, ensuring that technological safeguards do not disenfranchise our users.
    4. Keeping informed of legislation that affects access to electronic products, including copyright and licensing, archiving, and fair use issues.
    5. Defining the needs of distance learners and using technology effectively to meet those needs.
  7. Continue to enhance the MARS Web site.
  8. Continue to enhance the MARS Handbook, and continue to update the MARS Bylaws.

Established by the MARS Planning Committee with Vice Chair/Chair-Elect LeiLani Freund, Midwinter 2002.