2001-2002 Goals, Strategies, and Objectives


MARS Goals 2001-02

  1. Conduct the MARS Section review scheduled for 2001-2002.
  2. Focus on critical areas of change in machine-assisted reference, such as:
    1. Examining methods, standards, and effectiveness of the delivery of live reference over the Internet. (Priority Area F)
    2. Helping to ensure that technology is implemented in a user-centered way, in such areas as the negotiation of licenses and the development of interfaces. (Priority Areas C, A)
    3. Supporting the role of public services librarians as advocates for the user both within their organizations and in relations with vendors. (Priority Areas G, C)
    4. Examining issues of the continuing access to and preservation of electronic materials as they affect users today and in the future. (Priority Area A)
    5. Looking at the competencies, skills and knowledge needed by public-services librarians in the emerging library, and examining methods for helping librarians to attain these skills. (Priority Area B)
    6. Exploring the relationship of services offered by libraries with those of the various commercial services increasingly perceived as alternatives to the library. (Priority Area G)
  3. Improve communication between the Executive Committee and the committee chairs by establishing of a listserv for this purpose. (Priority Area F)
  4. Build on the work of the "MARSBest" Selection Task Force by:
    1. Considering the establishment of a permanent committee to compile an annual list of the best free Web reference resources.
    2. Investigating the creation of a comparable task force for fee-based Web reference resources.
    Both groups will make extensive use of virtual members. (Priority Area A)
  5. Continue to enhance the MARS Web site. (Priority Area F)
  6. Continue to enhance the MARS Handbook, and continue to update the MARS Bylaws. (Priority Area F)

Established by the MARS Planning Committee with Vice Chair/Chair-Elect Bill McHugh, Midwinter 2001.