Webinar Series

Starting in May of 2020, members of MAGIRT and the Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML) collaboratively started a regular webinar series, dubbed “Well, isn’t that spatial?” The webinars cover a broad array of topics, all hopefully of interest to map and geospatial information professionals. Typically, webinars consist of an approximately 30-minute talk with an additional 15 minutes for questions and answers. If you would like to propose a webinar (or know someone who would be a perfect presenter), please get in touch.

Upcoming Webinars

Check back soon for information on the next webinar.

Previous Webinars

Illinois Census 2020: Map The Count - a MAGIRT/WAML Webinar, Friday, June 12, 2020

Our speakers were Moira Zellner and Dean Massey of the Urban Data Visualization Lab (UDVL) at the University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC). Zellner is Director of the UDVL and an Associate Professor of Urban Policy and Planning. Massey is a Visiting Research Specialist at UIC's Institute for Environmental Science and Policy.

Map the Count is an ongoing collaboration with the Illinois Department Human Services until December 2020. The Urban Data Visualization Lab team simulates models and designs and implements a web-based tool which enables Census 2020 Regional Intermediaries to assess how their engagement activities could change the 2020 Response Rate.

Learn more about the project at its website, https://mapthecount.uic.edu/.


Census 2020 - Modernizing the Census Taking Process, May 15, 2020

For the inaugural webinar of our new series, we were joined by Deirdre Dalpiaz Bishop, Chief of the Geographic Division of the United States Census Bureau. Her presentation shares the ways in which the Census Bureau modernized the decennial census taking process, with a focus on the comprehensive national address list and associated geospatial database, self-response and non-response follow up phases, and data tabulation and dissemination.

View the recorded webinar or the slide deck using the links below.

Powerpoint Slides