FMRT Committees & Discussion Groups


Discussion Groups

ALA Liaison (non-voting member):

Danielle M. Ponton
800-545-2433 x3213
Fax: 312-280-5013

Liaisons to other groups:

FMRT has formal and informal relationships both with outside organizations and other groups within ALA.  See the ALA Policy Manual for more information (A.10.4.1, A.10.4.2)

Formal Relationships  

International Federation of Library Associations Audiovisual and Multimedia Section: Deborah Benrubi (2015-2019), Monique Threatt (2017-2020)

Informal Relationships With Other Organizations    

Association of Moving Image Archivists: Chris Lewis (2013-2015)

Consortium of College and University Media Center: Carleton Jackson (2013-2015)

National Media Market: Carleton Jackson (2013-2015)