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  • Membership: Responsible for promoting membership in the Video Round Table and for outreach activities with other appropriate professional organizations.
  • Nominating: Seeks candidates for the Video Round Table’s elected offices and presents a slate of candidates each year.
  • Communications: Oversees the creation of Video Round Table information, including guide to ALA Annual Conference and VRT website.
  • Program: Will plan and execute a program for an ALA Annual Conference.
  • Gala Program: Will plan activities relating to a Gala Program at an ALA Annual Conference.
  • Bylaws: Will oversee the currency of the bylaws at the direction of the VRT Executive Committee
  • Notable Videos for Adults Award:: Screens nominations and selects the list of Notable Videos for Adults

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Please list any committees or offices currently or previously held in VRT, ALA, or other associations, along with years of service.