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New! SustainRT's Mentorship Program supports LIS students as well as librarians within the first 3 years of their career, to deepen engagement surrounding sustainability within the library profession. The Program runs from Sept through May. Please fill out the application form here. Program overview and description here. Current SustainRT membership required. 

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The Sustainability Round Table's Enviro Scan taskforce is collecting information on books, articles, websites, blogs, social groups, and projects that fall under the umbrella of Sustainable Libraries. Please use this form to suggest resources or projects that will become part of our SustainRT Sustainability Database.


2019 Election results:

Member-at-Large: Arlene Hopkins

Coordinator-elect: Casey Conlin

SustainRT’s first dedicated ALA Councilor: Matthew Bollerman

2018 Election results:

Coordinator-Elect: Uta Hussong-Christian, Oregon State University Libraries and Press

Treasurer: Ameet Doshi, Georgia Tech Library STEPPED DOWN MARCH 2019!

Secretary: Lisa Kropp, Lindenhurst Memorial Library

Member-at-Large: Tina Chan, MIT Libraries

2017 ALA election results:

Coordinator-Elect: Amy Brunvand, Utah State University  - stepped down in Fall 2018

Member-at-Large: Susan Conlon, Princeton Public Library

2016 ALA election results:

  • Coordinator-Elect:The Coordinator-elect is a three-year term and serves one year of that term as Coordinator-elect, one year as Coordinator, and one year as Immediate Past Coordinator --Jodi Shaw!
  • Secretary: The Secretary is a two-year term and shall be responsible for the general correspondence of the Round Tables and the minutes of board and general membership meetings. The Secretary, coordinating with the ALA staff liaison, shall arrange for preservation of the SustainRT archives -- Kate Hutchens!
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer is a two-year term and shall review and approve all expenses, coordinating with the ALA staff liaison, and prepare reports and a proposed budget for each fiscal year -- Lindsay Marlow!
  • Member-at-Large: One and Two year terms --  Rebekkah Smith Aldrich &  Mary Beth Lock!

Showcase student work in your Institutional Repository!

Facilitate the discovery, dissemination and preservation of student sustainability projects and research. SustainRT, the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development (US Partnership) and the Disciplinary Associations Network for Sustainability (DANS)  are launching a Call to Action -- to showcase student sustainability projects and research in Institutional Repositories on campuses across the U.S.  Academic librarians are in a unique and vital position to create a better future -- one with less pollution, healthier ecosystems and higher quality of life for all. We have a role to play in “Creating Sustainable Community,” as shown by the theme of the ACRL 2015 conference.

As a librarian, you can contribute to solving urgent societal sustainability challenges by taking the time to:

  • Encourage faculty to invite students (with high quality sustainability projects and research) to submit their final work to the IR.

  • Use keywords such as “student sustainability research” and discipline-specific subject terms to make this work discoverable.

  • Creating a sustainability section on the IR specifically for sustainability projects and research (making it easier to track for STARS, too)

  • Add a “SUBMIT” button in your IR so students may submit their own sustainability work for later review by library staff (saving the library time and empowering students to play an active role).

  • Add OpenDOAR, an authoritative directory of academic open access repositories, to one of your resource pages to increase discovery of other repositories. Try reviewing OpenDOAR to see how other repositories preserve student work.

  • Reach out to nearby colleges and universities if your institution does not have an IR and inquire about collaborating to meet this Call to Action.

Please send your questions, feedback or ideas to advance this Call to Action to: US Partnership Fellow and SustainRT Coordinator, Madeleine Charney at or 413-577-0784. Your input will be appreciated and valued! Click HERE for instructions on searching for student sustainability projects, papers and research in institutional repositories"

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