The Rainbow Project Task Force


To select from the year's publications books that reflect gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered/queer-questioning (GLBTQ) experience for young people from birth to age 18, and to annotate selected titles. 

The list present books published in the last 18 months with commendable literary quality and significant authentic GLBTQ content that are recommended from young people. Both fiction and nonfiction shall have readable text and format appealing to children and/or teens. Although the list attempts to present a variety of reading tastes and levels, no effort will be made to balance the list according to subject, area of interest, age, or genre. 




The Project consists of nine members, appointed by the GLBTRT Chair to a two-year term which is renewable for a two-year consecutive term. Each term begins at the conclusion of one Midwinter and ends at the conclusion of Midwinter at the end of the term.  Following two terms (four years), a one-year hiatus is required before a member is eligible for re-appointment.  Reappointment is not automatic, but instead is based upon participation. In order to serve on this Project, Members are expected to actively seek books, nominate and read nominated books, attend all committee meetings at ALA Midwinter conferences, and belong to both GLBT-RT and SRRT.  Potential member names will be provided to the chairs of both GLBT-RT and SRRT.  The Project will make every attempt to maintain gender parity.


The Chair and Chair-elect share the privilege and responsibility of reading, nominating, discussing, and voting for books with the Project members.  In addition they share the following responsibilities as mutually agreed upon:  attend to all business matters, maintain an accurate database of all nominated titles, communicate frequently with members regarding nominated books; report to OLOS, GLBT-RT, and SRRT as needed; provide publicity regarding the Project and its bibliographies; facilitate Project discussion; communicate with publishers regarding the mission of the Project; and request preview copies of books for committee members. The Chair has sole responsibility for publisher contact.  During the year following service as Chair, the Past Chair will serve as a resource to the new Chair but will not be required to be considered a Project member.

The Chair will serve in this position for one year.  The Chair-elect will be selected from the membership of the Project, becoming the Chair upon completion of one year of service as Chair-elect.  The Chair-elect will coordinate an authors’ breakfast to be held in even years at the ALA Annual Conference.


The function of the Assistant include the following: to maintain electronic sites for the Project, help with publicity, and represent the Project in ALA/SRRT.

Get Involved

Questions about the Rainbow Project can be sent to Past-Chair Lynn Evarts