Online Programs Committee

Committee Charge

To plan, coordinate, and deliver an online program series as charged by the NMRT President.

History of the Committee

This committee, formerly known as the Annual Program Committee, is an off-shoot of the Leadership Development committee, which was disbanded in the reorganization of 2004-2005. Traditionally, the Leadership Development committee sponsored a program funded by Highsmith. The committee was established in 2005 to provide a single session at the ALA Annual Conference. With the 2006-2007 committee year, the committee focused on programming delivered online. The 2014-15 committee was charged with delivering a series of three online programs.

Major Responsibilities

To deliver programs to new members of ALA and the profession offered in alternate formats. The online programs should take advantage of appropriate available technologies.

Supervising Board Member

T.J. Szafranski

2017-18 Committee Roster

Committee Events

NMRT members were surveyed in September 2015 to determine which program topics were most requested. In response to the survey results, three topics were selected for the 2015-16 series. Furthermore, they were surveyed about presentation length, time of day to be scheduled and interactivity. The committee has published the survey results online.

Upcoming Events

The final program of the 2015-2016 year is scheduled for Wed., April 20 at 3:00 p.m. ET. "Preparing to Enter the Library Profession: Networking, ALA, and More" will be presented by academic librarian Megan Hodge and public librarian Margaret Howard on Adobe Connect at

Previous Events

The Mystery of Networking While Introverting - "Choose Your Own Adventure: You're the Star of the Story! Choose from Countless Possible Endings" - presented by Rochelle Hartman (Adult Services Manager La Crosse Public Library) - March 29, 2016