Bylaws & Governing Documents Committee

Committee Members

Elizabeth Cox, Chair 2016-2017
Louise Ratliff
Leslie Wagner

Purpose, Membership, and Duties

Purpose.   To maintain MAGIRT’s Bylaws, Organizational Manual and other governing documents.

Membership.  A Chair and as many members as necessary to complete the work of the Committee. The MAGIRT Past Chair serves as Chair of the Committee.

Duties. The Committee is responsible for ensuring that MAGIRT’s Bylaws, Organizational Manual and other governing documents are kept up to date. The Committee submits recommendations for revision as necessary to the Executive Board for review and/or acceptance. Upon review and/or acceptance by the Executive Board, the Committee Chair submits the revised document to the base line editor for publication and to the MAGIRT Webmaster for inclusion on the MAGIRT Web site.

Meetings.  All Bylaws and Governing Documents Committee meetings are open to any member of ALA.