Reference Guide for Instructional Design and Development Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
This overview provides the instructor with objectives to creating a usable handout or tutorial. Suggested principles should include, Assess Needs, Analyze Learners, Write Objectives, Select an Instructional strategy, Develop Materials, and Evaluate.

Specialized Remote User Education: Web-Based Tutorials for Engineering Graduate Students. Susan Ardis and Jennifer Haas. Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, Fall 2001
This article illustrates the process for developing a subject-based Web tutorial. Included is the rationale for producing the tutorial, the development process, information that might be included in a tutorial, marketing information, and incentives for student use of the tutorial. Ideas from this article can serve as a model when developing tutorials regardless of subject.

Web-Based Training Information Center

For anyone interested in online training. Learn what Web Based Training (WBT) is and how it can be of use. For instructors who may be getting started and want to be sure this is the best direction for training.