Library History Round Table Meetings and Programs

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Library History Roundtable (LHRT) Annual Conference Sessions: ALA New Orleans, 2018

LHRT Executive Board Meeting

8:30-10, Morial Convention Center, Rm. 222


LHRT Edward G. Holley Memorial Lecture

10:30 to 11:30 Morial Convention Center, Rm. 278

Speaker: Dr. Mary Niall Mitchell

“Girl in a Frame: Enslaved People, Their Stories, and the Archives”


LHRT Research Forum

1-2, Morial Convention Center, Rm. 299


Steven Knowlton: “A Rapidly Escalating Demand: Academic Libraries and the Birth of Black Studies”

Dr. Margaret Bausman: “Library Collections and Services for Immigrant Women and Girls During the Progressive Era: Social Contral versus Personal Agency.”