IRRT International Sustainable Library Development Interest Group

ISLD meeting in Boston
ISLD Midwinter Meeting in Boston

Statement of Role, Purpose, and Function

The ISLD serves as a clearinghouse of sustainable community-based library projects in developing areas of the world. This group mobilizes the power of ALA librarians to raise awareness of and make significant contributions to international library development. Librarians in developing countries can tap into resources for training and projects in their libraries.

ISLD Meeting in New Orleans

On Saturday morning, June 23, you are all invited to attend the IRRT International Sustainable Library Development (ISLD) Interest Group meeting at 9:00 - 10:30 am, during the IRRT all committee meeting in Room 271-273 of the Convention Center.

ISLD Lunch at ALA Annual in New Orleans

Description: ISLD, RPCVs and friends will meet on Saturday, June 23rd for lunch during the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. It will be a time to renew old friendships and network.

ISLD Lunch in BostonN
ISLD Luncheon at 2016 Midwinter in Boston- Photo by Joan Weeks

Lunch information:

We’ll have a networking no-host lunch on Saturday, June 23, at noon. Everyone interested in sustainable international library development and the Peace Corps is invited to join us. Come and reconnect with old friends and make some new friends.  

Location: Fulton Street Bistro in the Omni Riverfront Hotel
701 Convention Center Blvd, New Orleans

1st Course - Garden salad w\ Dijon shallot vinaigrette

Main Course - Pan seared chicken breast, Roasted garlic mashed potatoes & asparagus      

Vegetarian main course option; Polenta w\ sautéed mushrooms & Kalamata olives and grilled zucchini & squash

Dessert- New Orleans Bread pudding w\ Myers Rum Anglaise

Cost: $25 for lunch, including tax and tip, will be collected at the lunch. Please bring the exact amount. No charge cards accepted.
RSVP by June 18 or sooner. Be sure to tell me your main course choice.

On Monday, June 25 at 9 am you are invited to attend the ISLD program “How Libraries Abroad Address the Worldwide Refugee Crisis” in Room 299 of the Convention Center

You are also invited to join the International Librarians Reception and Awards Presentation on Monday evening to welcome and celebrate with librarians from more than 70 countries. The event will take place at BB King’s Jazz Club from 6 – 8 pm. Join us for a mixing of culture and ideas, regional cuisine, hors d’oeuvres and open bar. Advance registration is required. Purchase tickets at
Looking forward to another opportunity to network and share ideas—Connie

Connie Champlin
RPCV Philippines & So Korea
CoChr of ISLD

Cell 317-908-1220.  

ISLD 2017 Libraries for the Global Community: Their Sustainability and Impact

Description: Libraries and information access are most important than ever for the international community.  Recognizing their impact on global literacy and understanding, the International Sustainable Development Interest Group addressed the sustainable nature of libraries and their services, particularly in developing nations, with recognition of differing library systems and user expectations.


  • Connie Champlin, Consultant Cultural Adventures

  • Patricia Wand, Adjunct Professor and University Librarian Emerita, American University

  • Peter Deekle, Community News Editor National Peace Corps Association

  • Joan Weeks, Head Near East Section and Turkish Specialist Library of Congress

  • Sara Mansback, Haiti Libraries Project Advisor Parnters in Literacy- Haiti

The International Sustainable Library Development Interest Group of IRRT serves as a clearinghouse of sustainable community-based library projects in developing areas of the world. This group mobilizes the power of ALA librarians to raise awareness of and make significant contributions to international library development.

Library Development Projects & Fundraising Tips

World Region Projects
Central & South America
Central Asia
East Asia & Pacific
Middle East

ISLD 2016 Program:Collaborating for Sustainable Libraries: Examples from International Developing Economies

Description: Experts (each with previous Peace Corps service) in initiating and supporting libraries in developing economies reported on the critical importance of collaboration for sustainability. Specific examples of current projects and models were presented and details of their origins and implementation were discussed. Included was an interactive panel moderated by Peter Deekle, Community News Editor of National Peace Corps Association and Peace Corps/Iran.


  • Connie Champlin, Consultant Cultural Adventures and Peace Corps/Philippines & Korea

  • Patricia Wand, Adjunct Professor and University Librarian Emerita, American University

  • Janet Lee, Dean Regis University and Peace Corps/Ethiopia  Collaborating for Sustainable Libraries: Working with the Dispora

  • Jane Mirandette, President HJH Libraries for All Program San Juan Del Sur Libraries for All Biblioteca   Collaboration Works

2014 ISLD Program during ALA Annual in Las Vegas, NV

International Sustainable Library Development (ISLD) program will be held:

Date: Monday, June 30, 2014

Title:The Many Facets of Volunteerism for Sustainable International Library Development Projects

Description: Join the International Sustainable Library Development Interest Group for an interactive program on how volunteers participate in library development projects worldwide through travel to project sites, through participation in library to library collaboration such as sister libraries, through interactive programming such as Skype, and through fundraising and book drives to support library projects.  Breakout sessions will give opportunities for audience engagement and networking opportunities..

Speakers: Athena Michael, Project Hope - Volunteering on-site; Nancy Bolt, Nancy Bolt & Associates - Sister Libraries; Janet Lee, Regis University Library

2013 ISLD Program during ALA Annual in Chicago, IL

International Sustainable Library Development (ISLD) program was held:

Date: Monday, July 1, 2013

Title:Training: The Key to Sustainable International Library Development Projects

Description:  ISLD explored the importance of training in making international library development projects sustainable. Marcy Carrel, Technical Information Specialist at Peace Corps, spoke on the development, content and implementation of the newly created “Sustainable Library Development Training Package,” a set of resources designed for training Peace Corps Volunteers engaged in library projects. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about additional training materials and models used by a variety of organizations involved in international library development projects, and left with a collection of training resources for projects.

Speaker: Marcy Carrel, Technical Information Specialist, Peace Corps

Speaker: Connie Champlin, IRRT, Interational Sustainable Library Development Interest Group

Table Talks: Barbara Ford & Susan Schuner, Mortenson Center for International Library Programs; Min Chou, Chinese American Librarians Association;  Jane Mirandette, President, Treasurer, San Juan del Sur Biblioteca; Beth Ardner, CREDO; and others



2012 ISLD Program during ALA Annual in Anaheim, CA

"International Sustainable Library Development (ISLD) and the Sister Library Initiative of Mutual Benefit:  Cooperation Across Borders."

Date: Monday, June 25, 2012

Description: This program presented ways in which Sister Libraries can collaborate with library development projects..  (Program sponsored by the International Sustainable Library Development-ISLD)

Speakers: Connie Chaplin gave an Overview of ISLD (PPT)

Gina Milsap from the Ames Iowa Public Library described the American Bulgarian Sister Library Project

Jamie LaRue spoke about the Dobrich & Douglas County Public Libraries Sister Library Project 

Elizabeth Cramer and John Boyd talked about Appalachian State’s Sister Library Biblioteca Th’uruchapitas

Carol Hodges presented: Biblioteca Puerta Abierta Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala & Tidewater Community College Virginia, U.S.A (PPT)

2011 ISLD Program during ALA Annual in New Orleans, LA

The "S" in International Sustainable Library Development: Sustainability Issues

Date: Monday, June 27, 2011

Description: This program presented ways that skills are developed and transferred to enable sustainability in developing libraries.  

2010 ISLD Program during ALA Annual in Washington, DC

Books in Many Languages: Reaching Out to Youth in a Multilingual World

Date: Monday, June 28, 2010

Description: At this program the panelists will discuss the development of books for youth in their local languages and the role that libraries in developing countries can play in collecting and distributing these books.


Marcy Carrel presented: Peace Corps: Volunteers and Books in Many Languages (PPT)

Janet Lee spoke about Multilingual Children’s Book Publishing: a Developing Industry in Ethiopia (PPT)

2009 ISLD Program at ALA Annual in Chicago

Yes We Can: Support International Sustainable Library Development

Date: Monday, July 13, 2009
Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Place: McCormick Place West (MCP) - W-181
Description:  This program presented ways that skills are developed and transferred to enable sustainability in developing libraries. Methods to overcome contraints such as bandwidth, cultural awareness, needs assessment, and language barriers were presented.  (Program sponsored by the International Sustainable Library Development-ISLD)


Susan Schnuer, from the Mortenson Center, University of Illinois presented Understanding the Context for Skill Development and Transfer(PowerPoint)  
Kathy Greely, from the South Africa Partners Project presented Libraries for South African Schools(PowerPoint)

Jane Mirandette, San Juan del Sur Biblioteca Movil presented Skill Share Programs: Volunteers Help Sustain Grassroots Libraries in Nicaragua(PowerPoint)

ISLD is in the news!

We are pleased that the Vol. 35 No. 3 (2011) issue of Colorando Libraries has an article about ISLD entitled, "Catch the International Library Development Bug at ALA: It  is Highly Contagious." This issue also contains articles about library development in Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and Nigeria as well as about Sister Libraries, and why one might wish to participate in IFLA.

Yohannes Gebregeorgis Opens New Youth Library in Ethopia

In Mekele in the Tigray region of Ethopia, Yohannes Gebregeorgis opened the Segenat Children and Youth Library on August 20, 2010 overcoming many obstancles in funding, as well as logistical hurdles. He raised over $45,000 through the Ethiopia Reads organization he founded in 1998.  His organization was recognized with the ALA Presidential Citation for Innovative International Library Projects in 2008. 

ISLD member Janet Lee took a sabatical from her position at Regis University Library to spend two months prior to the opening in Ethopia setting up the library.  Another ISLD member Athena Michael with Wiley Publishers took her own leave and funding to do training of volunteers just prior and during the opening ceremonies.  Please see the full article in American Libraries and how you can help at: American Libraries: New Youth Library in Ethopia Makes Impossible Dream Reality


International Library Development Materials

Peace Corps: Sustainable Library Development Training Package (scroll through the listing to Sustainable Library Development Training Package)

The Sustainable Library Development Training Package provides guidence and support to Peace Corps Volunteers engaged in library projects. This package can also be used by other library development volunteers to facilitate workshops on library development in their host country communities. Each session plan is stand-alone and includes all relevant handouts; some handouts are repeated  from session to session.

Annual Conference Presentations


Training Manuals

Pamoja Training

UNESCO Training

Library Development Support Organizations


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