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Libraries as Social Change Engines: Working Together with NGOs in Asia and Africa - A Two-Part Series

IRRT Webinar Committee would like to announce an upcoming two-part webinar series in November highlighting international library partnerships and projects between libraries and non-governmental organizations in Asia and Africa. In this series, we will present the Asia Foundation/Myanmar Library Association partnership and the Lubuto Library Partners in Zambia. Both are international development organizations that aim to address social, political and economic issues to enrich lives and build a thriving community through libraries. 

PART 2 - Recording available

Date and time: November 21, 2019 – Lubuto Library Partners in Zambia, Africa

Jane Kinney Meyers | Founder & President of Lubuto Library Partners, Washington D.C., USA
Elizabeth Giles | Director of Library Services, Lusaka, Zambia
Given Besa | Library Manager, Lubuto Model Library, Lusaka, Zambia


PART 1 - Recording Available

Date and time: November 13, 2019 - The Asia Foundation & Myanmar Library Association

Mi Ki Kyaw Myint | Manager of the Special Projects Unit at The Asia Foundation
MyatSann Nyein | Librarian, Vice President of Myanmar Library Association & Local Coordinator Librarian of the eLibrary Myanmar Project




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"Hosting International Visiting Librarians in US Academic Libraries: The Korea Foundation Librarian Intern Program"

Friday, June 14, 2019

IRRT Webinar Ad Hoc Committee is excited to present the second of two webinars aimed to promote interests, programs, and activities on international librarianship. In this webinar, we will highlight a unique international library internship partnership between the Korea Foundation, a South Korean based organization with several global offices, and two participating host university libraries in the United States in the form of the Korea Foundation Library Internship Program.

Our speakers, Minjeong Kim, Director of the Korea Foundation Global Office in Washington, D.C., Yunah Sung, Korean Studies Librarian/Head of Technical Services at the University of Michigan-Asia Library, and Ellie Kim, Korean Studies Librarian at the University of Hawaii at Manoa will talk about the library internship program and their partnership. We will also have the pleasure of hearing from the two Korea Foundation Library Interns from these host university libraries as they share their experience interning abroad.

KF Library Internship Overview:


Presenters: Minjeong Kim - Director of Korea Foundation Washington D.C. Office, University of Michigan, Asia Library; Yunah Sung - Korean Studies Librarian / Head, Technical Services; Yujin Choi - Korea Foundation Library Intern, University of Hawaii, Manoa; Ellie Kim, Korean Studies Librarian, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Boeon Hwang - Korea Foundation Library Intern

Libraries Without Borders


Monday April, 8 2019

SpeakersJoi Jackson, Reference Librarian; Karen Garcia, MLIS student; Allinston Saulsberry, Assistant Archivist at Arizona State University.

Resources: Librarians Without Borders site.


The Library Map of the World and the Art of Storytelling

RECORDING AVAILABLE: (56:27, 20632.1 KB)

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Did you know that every library can participate in IFLA's Library Map of the World?  This digital map shares a variety of statistics and stories, and can be a powerful tool that libraries can adapt in their work. Storytelling in itself can also a powerful art to convey one's message for advocacy. This free webinar will feature speakers who will talk more about IFLA's Library Map of the World and the act of storytelling to advocate for libraries relating to the Sustainable Development Goals or in local needs and contexts. ALA President Loida Garcia-Febo will provide opening remarks on these topic and how you can get involved online or in-person at ALA Midwinter Conference 2019 in Seattle!

Speakers: Loida Garcia-Febo, ALA President and International Library Consultant; Kristine Paberza, IFLA Member Engagement Officer; Nicole Cooke, Associate Professor and MS/LIS Program Director at the Graduate School of Library/Information Science at UIUC.


Sustainable Development Goals in American Libraries Today: Why Should You Care?

July 19, 2018


 Libraries are creating and cultivating new relationships with international communities and supporting these efforts. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were established on 2016 by the United Nations (UN) to guide developed and developing countries alike in their development efforts. Libraries and librarians are essential to development and to help each one of the communities where we are. This free webinar will feature speakers who will share different perspectives on the SDGs and its role in American libraries in supporting their communities from sustainable practices to user engagement approaches. ALA President Loida Garcia-Febo will provide opening remarks on SDGs in the library profession. 

Speakers: Loida Garcia-Febo*, ALA President and International Library Consultant; Maria Violeta Bertolini, IFLA Advocacy Communications Officer; Gerald Beasley, University Librarian from Cornell University Libraries; Maria McCauley, Director of Cambridge Public Libraries; Gary Shaffer, Director of Library and Information Management from USC Marshall School of Business

*This free online event is part of President Garcia-Febo’s effort in the area of International Relations. 



Libraries in Germany serving immigrants and refugees (as part of the ALA partnership with the German Library Association)
May 24, 2018

RECORDING AVAILABLE: (1:01 min, 30288.5 KB)

Join us for a webinar featuring best library practices, models, and recommendations to serve immigrants and refugees from libraries in Germany. Library and information workers are increasingly providing programs and services that build community, worldwide, while enriching and saving lives of immigrants and refugees. At the American Library Associations' International Relations Round Table, we want to be part of these efforts. This online event is part of the ALA partnership with the German Library Association.

Speakers: Anne Barckow, Department of Intercultural Services, Hamburg Central Library; Philipp Merth, Intercultural Services, Central Library, Stuttgart Public Library, Britta Schmedemann, Expert on Target Audience, Services for Adults, member of the Commission on Intercultural Library Work at the German Library Association


Making Connections and Making Changes:  The Sister Libraries Program of ALA's International Relations Round Table - - IRRT Chair's Webinar
April 4, 2018


This webinar will discuss the details of ALA's Sister Libraries program.  Are you interested in partnering your library with a library in another country?  Find out some of the best methods for seeking a partner library, the steps in planning your partnership, and suggested activities.  Know what to expect so that you can more easily involve others at your library.  We will walk you through the partnering process and the resources on our website.  Plus, we will share highlights and recommendations from the evaluation of the Sister Libraries program, recently completed by a group of Emerging Leaders:  What's next for Sister Libraries?  

Speakers: Melissa West, public librarian in southern Maine; Dr. Rebecca L. Miller, founder and principal consultant of BiblioDev, LLC.; J. Angela (Angie) Wiehagen, Shoreline Community College.

Advocacy Resources to Serve Immigrants and Refugees - IRRT Chair's Webinar
March 6, 2018

RECORDING AVAILABLE: (1:03 min, 22242.3 KB)

Join us and learn about advocacy resources library workers can use to help them advocate for library services for immigrants and refugees. Our speakers will share information and examples useful to advocate at federal, national, regional, state, and city level. Library and information workers are providing programs and services that build community while enriching and saving lives of immigrants and refugees. At the American Library Associations' International Relations Round Table, we want to be part of these efforts.

Speakers: Kathi Kromer, Associate Executive Director of the Washington Office for the American Library Association; Marci Merola, Director of the Office for Library Advocacy for the American Library Association; Dora Ho, President of the Asian Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA); Nicanor Diaz, Immigrant Services Manager at the Denver Public Library

Libraries in the USA serving immigrants and refugees - IRRT Chair's Webinar

January 25, 2018


Join us and learn about how different-sized libraries in the USA are serving immigrants and refugees. Our speakers coordinate services for young adults, English Language Learners, partner with community organizations, and coordinate library services in Sanctuary cities. Library and information workers are providing programs and services that build community while enriching and saving lives of immigrants and refugees. At the American Library Associations' International Relations Round Table, we want to be part of these efforts.

Speakers: Ed Garcia, Director, Cranston Public Library, Rhode Island; Maria McCauley, Director of Libraries, City of Cambridge, Massachusetts Maria has served as Director of Libraries for the City of Cambridge, a Sanctuary City, since August 2016.; Teona Shainidze Krebs, Adult Education Division Head, Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Resources to serve immigrants and refugees - IRRT Chair's Webinar
December 5, 2017


In this webinar, you can learn about resources to help you serve immigrants and refugees such as Libraries Respond, Project Welcome, and Refugee Libraries. Librarians and information workers are providing programs and services that build community while enriching and saving the  lives of immigrants and refugees. The International Relations Round Table (IRRT) wants to be part of and support these efforts.

SpeakersKristin Lahurd, Literacy Officer in the American Library Association’s Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services (ODLOS); Clara Chu, Director and Mortenson Distinguished Professor, Mortenson Center for International Library Programs; Christian Zabriskie, Administrator, Yonkers Public Library System and Executive Director, Urban Librarians Unite.