IFRT Committees

Volunteer for the Intellectual Freedom Round Table

Bylaws Committee

Coalition Building Committee - Charged with administering the Gerald Hodges Intellectual Freedom Chapter Relations Award, this committee recognizes that effective coalition building in units provides the necessary framework to defend censorship at the ground level

Executive Board

Immroth Award Committee - This committee serves as the award jury to select and honor notable contributions to intellectual freedom and demonstrations of personal courage in defense of freedom of expression.  

Membership Committee - The mission of the Membership Committee is to develop and undertake effective ways to attract new members to IFRT, as well as to retain current members. The Membership Committee works with IFRT's Board and other IFRT committees to communicate the value of belonging to IFRT.

Merritt Fund Committee - The LeRoy C. Merritt Humanitarian Fund provides financial support to librarians who are denied employment rights because of their defense of intellectual freedom and privacy, or as a result of discrimination. As a member of this committee, you will join in this important work by raising awareness of the Merritt fund.

Nominating Committee

Oboler Award Committee - The Eli M. Oboler Memorial Award, which consists of $500 and a certificate, is presented biannually (next in 2018) for the best published work in the area of intellectual freedom. Members of the Oboler Award Committee review the books and journal articles submitted for consideration and determine which piece of writing to honor. They are experts in the field; reading the submissions enhances their expertise on the subject of intellectual freedom enormously. Committee members are in excellent positions to appreciate the dynamic landscape of intellectual freedom and its implications for both the library community and the wider community.

This coming year 2017-2018 we will looking to create a subgroup to do important fundraising for the Oboler Award.

Program Committee - This committee will plan the 2018 IFRT annual conference program on privacy issues and libraries.  This conference will be in New Orleans.

Publication Committee - The publications & communications committee promotes the activities of the IFRT. This includes creating and maintaining a web site of information, producing reports on the activities of the IFRT, and promoting IFRT through social media channels.