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Charles KratzCharles Kratz is dean of the library and information fluency at the University of Scranton, a position he has held since 1991. He serves as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Scranton in the English and Theatre Department.
Interests and Expertise: Emerging technologies, Fundraising, Learning Commons, Information Literacy, Intellectual Property, Writing, and Theater. Books I am currently reading: Colum McCann's Thirteen Ways of Looking and George Orwell's 1984. Current favorite TV shows - "Homeland", "House of Cards", and "The Americans."

Chair Elect

John Mack FreemanJohn "Mack" Freeman is the Branch Manager of the Peachtree Corners branch of the Gwinnett County Public Library. His favorite book is The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. It has the quote that provided his first (but probably not last) tattoo. He's moved over 20 times in 25 years and has often considered transforming his moving expertise into a semi-professional gig. When he's not enmeshed in the library world, he's typically dabbling in a ton of hobbies and going on adventures with his husband Dale and their mess of a Boxer puppy, Bess.

Past Chair

Cyndi Robinson

Cyndi Robinson is Conference and Continuing Education Manager at the Illinois Library Association. Her favorite book is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, which she has read multiple times, starting when she was eleven.  When not working or reading, Cyndi fills her time with gardening, cooking, biking, “Doctor Who” and “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, her local friends of the library group, and wrangling two teenagers. 

IFRT Councilor

Martin GarnarMartin Garnar is the dean of the Kraemer Family Library at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Outside of work, he may be found hiking in the beautiful Pikes Peak region, singing with the Out Loud Colorado Springs Men’s Chorus, or reading fantasy and science fiction books instead of doing chores. He’s a sucker for British baking shows even though he knows his weekly sourdough loaves would never win a technical challenge, though his husband Mark things they’re pretty tasty.


Steve NormanSteve Norman spent his early years all around the West and Midwest.  Now, he sees the Atlantic Ocean through his windows.  He's gone about as far east as he could wander in the U.S.  Whenever he can, he heads into the great outdoors.  He loves good prose (fiction or nonfiction) and poetry, but any old good yarn as an audiobook will grab him.


Ashley J. BrownAshley J. Brown is the Engagement and Outreach Librarian at the Auburn Public Library in Auburn, Alabama. She has a very hard time choosing a favorite book, but she does love Jane Eyre. Her favorite movie is The Cutting Edge. Yes, the figure skating movie from 1992. When not working at the library, she enjoys performing improv with her troupe, hand sewing, and spending time with her beloved Chow mix, Sammie. War Eagle!


Sheila BonnandSheila Bonnand is a Research & Instruction librarian at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. There is no way she can pick a favorite book - there are just too many - but she admits to a fondness for Dickens. When not fighting for freedom of speech and other constitutional rights (she is also a board member of the ACLU of Montana), she fights the elements while trying to garden at an elevation of almost 5000 feet. She also hikes and canoes with her husband and two dogs.


Sarah HoughtonSarah Houghton is the Director of the San Rafael Public Library in California. Her favorite author is William Butler Yeats, favorite band is Depeche Mode, favorite graphic novel is Saga, and favorite movie is The Piano. She is currently rediscovering her love of punk.


Kristin Joy AndersonKristin Joy Anderson is an academic librarian in the Western Chicago Suburbs. She grew up in West Central Illinois where there was nothing to do except read and chase down the outside kitties. She has a MS in Mass Communications and an MLIS. Her favorite books are American Gods and Ready Player One. In her spare time she reviews for Library Journal and School Library Journal, and still enjoys chasing kitties. She is super into graphic novels and super hero movies, and can't wait for the next season AND book of Game of Thrones.


Eldon "Ray" James works as a researcher and FOIA specialist for a private company in Austin Texas. Roddy Doyle is his favorite author although T.C.Boyle is also his favorite, He reads crime fiction, cries in movies, and intensely dislikes the sound of bouncing basketballs and skateboards going over bumps.

Coalition Building Committee Chair

Larissa GordonLarissa Gordon is an Assistant Professor and Instruction and Scholarly Communications Librarian at Arcadia University in Glenside, PA. Larissa is a fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy literature, and she teaches a few interdisciplinary courses on that topic at the University where she works. When not at work, she participates in the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. As a member of that group she has engaged in many art forms and activities over the years, but her current passion is making Lampwork glass beads.

Immroth Committee Chair

Michael FurlongMichael Furlong’s interests include fiction writing, graphic novels, theater and film. He performs improvised theater on the weekends, entertaining large studio audiences with bite-sized jokes. He believes every librarian should be exposed to an improv theater class.
Looking for water cooler conversation during the conference? Michael binge watched "Breaking Bad" and is now enjoying "Better Call Saul".

Membership Promotion Committee Chair

Wanda Mae HuffakerMy name is Wanda Mae Huffaker. I'm a librarian, and I don't read. I watch Netflix. I'm going to put that on the table. Though I do read books when they get challenged so I can provide better support. I recently took up knitting and crocheting again after many years to make presents for my naughty grandchildren (who do at least want my books when I die). I have recently gotten very involved in pulling many skeletons out of the closet in family history research. Family members hate the conversation that starts " Hey, guess what I found out?".

Merritt Fund Promotion Committee Chair

Jim Teliha

Jim Teliha bio coming soon.

Oboler Committee Chair

Laura Koltutsky

Laura Koltutsky bio coming soon.

Program Committee Chair

William MardenBill Marden is Director of Privacy and Compliance at The New York Public Library. Interests (in no particular order) include the visual & performing arts, the media, literature, history, food, travel, plus all things New York City & France. Among the books he routinely recommends to friends are John Williams’ Stoner (fiction) and Material World: A Global Family Portrait by Peter Menzel (non-fiction). Favorite movies—of which there are many—would have to include Wings of Desire and My Night at Maud’s. Along with his wife and daughter, Bill is a longtime New Yorker. He enjoys nothing more than strolling through the Manhattan wilderness, observing the varied species (both wild and tame) of Gotham wildlife in their native habitat..

Publication Committee Chair

Eric JohnsonEric Johnson is the data librarian for Miami University and provides resources for data management planning, geographic information systems, data visualization, digital preservation, and android programming. In his spare time, he designs gadgets and reads science fiction and fantasy novels. .

IFRT Staff Liaisons

Kristin Pekoll  and Ellie Diaz

Kristin Pekoll and Ellie Diaz both love "West Wing", Trevor Noah's memoir, Born A Crime, the new King Arthur movie and working on weekends. Wait, that's just Kristin that likes to work on weekends. Ellie can often be found correcting Kristin's grammar and sending her hilarious gifs. Kristin uses gifs and sarcasm to escape the insanity of her two littles, Joe and Annie. 

Updated June 2017