Cataloging Committee

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GODORT's Cataloging Committee has four main purposes:


  • To provide a forum for technical discussions on policies and practices for government document cataloging.
  • To serve as an interface for information exchange between documents catalogers and documents users in government agencies, various types of libraries, and bibliographic networks.
  • To comment upon matters which affect the cataloging of government documents and to raise such issues as appropriate.
  • To serve as liaison with other groups within ALA and through GODORT, with Federal agencies, other library associations, and bibliographic networks.

The Committee meets twice a year, at the ALA Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference, to discuss description and access issues with representatives of government agencies and GODORT's liaison to CC:DA. The Committee maintains three resource "toolboxes" to assist those cataloging and processing government publications.

Further content is located on the GODORT Wiki.