Government Information for Children (GIC) Committee

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Mission Statement

Members of the GIC Standing Committee work to support the group's mission, which is as follows:

The mission of the GIC is to identify government information that can help educators and parents locate high quality government created teaching aids, online interactive activities,  lesson plans, and tools to engage and motivate students across a wide variety of subject areas and interests.

 OBJECTIVE 1: Utilizing virtual platforms, processes, and procedures, members of the GIC Standing committee maintain the following:

GIC's current projects are:

a)      creating links to government information resources useful to K-12 students via its online portal at .

 OBJECTIVE 2: Communicating with stakeholders using currently-available technologies and resources, members of the GIC Standing committee maintain the following:

b)      National History Day (advisory board representation + reference services)

c)       Spanish language Federal and state documents

d)      Marketing and promotion for the Annual Constitution Day Poster Design Contest -

e)      Recommendations for additional GIC Committee activities (ex. Members may also make presentations at the state, regional, and national level about how to promote use of government resources to students, teachers, parents, and/or other interested populations)​.