GLBTRT Project Proposal Form

Submissions to this form distribute to the GLBTRT Board Email List.  The information submitted may be shared with the GLBTRT membership on GLBT News, the GLBTRT Email List and the GLBTRT Web presence.

Questions about the project proposal form, or anything about the GLBTRT, should be submitted on the board contact form.

To what GLBTRT committee or group will this project answer to?
What GLBTRT committee or group should administer the project?
Share project volunteers including yourself. Note that project proposals do not have to have volunteers.
Please list of leader-volunteers. Note that volunteers are not required on project proposals.
Refer to the Mission Statement and Bylaws of the GLBTRT for more information. Please state how this project fulfills the mission and focus of the GLBTRT. Note other ALA initiatives, policies and/or strategic plans this project directly supports.
Does the proposed project overlap with the work of other GLBTRT Committees or other ALA groups? If yes, explain how. If yes, outline how this project can fit comfortably and complement existing projects. Give the names of people contacted and explain nature of contacts that ensure efforts are not duplicated.
Propose milestone dates for completion of planned activities.
Show funding requirements for project activities.
Please share the names and contact information of project proposal author(s).
Enter your email address to receive a copy of your proposal.