ALA 2010 Election Results Announced

Anne L. Moore, GLBTRT Co-Chair, 2010-2012

image of anne l. moore, candidate for glbtrt co-chair

The duties of the Co-Chairs from GLBTRT Bylaws:

  • presiding at all membership and Steering Committee meetings;
  • coordinating the meeting schedule for all Annual and Midwinter meetings and submitting the proper ALA forms to the various Round Table Chairs as well as the Office of Conference Services on a timely basis;
  • appointing the chairs of standing and Ad hoc committees and delegating tasks as appropriate to those chairpersons;
  • acting as spokespersons for the Round Table;
  • acting as liaisons to the Office for Literacy and Outreach Services;
  • appointing two Round Table members on a two-year staggered schedule as the representatives of the Round Table to the ALA Diversity Council; and
  • responding promptly to correspondence addressed to the Round Table.

No decision or instruction made by a Co-Chair shall conflict with a decision or instruction made by the Round Table membership or the Steering Committee.

Anne's Statement

I have been a member of the GLB Task Force / GLBT Round Table since 1998./ During this time I have been a committee member and Steering Committee member in a variety of position. From this involvement and experience, I offer familiarity with procedures and processes, as well as the leadership skills to lead the Round Table into its fifth decade.

During the last decade, since this group became a Round Table, we have doubled the number of members, developed and grew an endowment to fund the book awards, and developed a third book award. Just as critically the Round Table has continued its work to improve and expand educational awareness of glbt issues, services and collections within the profession and the communities our members serve. I look forward to continued involvement with the Round Table.


  • UWO, MLIS, 1994
  • U of Guelph, MA 1993
  • U of Guelph, BA 1991
  • U of Waterloo, BA 1978

ALA Activities

  • GLBTRT: Representative, OLOS Advisory Committee, 2008-10
  • GLBTRT: Member, External Affairs Committee, 2008-10
  • GLBTRT: Representative, Diversity Council , 2006-10
  • GLBTRT: Chair, Nominating Committee, 2006-08
  • OLOS: Member from GLBT RT, Committee on Aging, 2004-07
  • GLBTRT: Co-Chair, 2002-06
  • ALA Conference Coordinating Team: Round Table Representative, 2003-05
  • GLBTRT: Member, Vice-Chair, Chair, Past-Chair, Book Award Committee, 1998-2002
  • ACRL: Social Issues & Education Committee, Women's Studies Section, 1998-2000

Jason D. Phillips, GLBTRT Secretary, 2010-2012

image of jason d. phillips, candidate for glbtrt secretary

The duties of the Secretary from GLBTRT Bylaws:

  • attending all Steering Committee and Membership meetings at both Annual Conferences and Midwinter Meetings during their term of office;
  • preparing and distributing an agenda for each of the Steering Committee and Membership meetings;
  • taking attendance and recording minutes of these meetings and promptly distributing copies of them to Steering Committee members and to other individuals or organizations mentioned in the minutes;
  • maintaining a file of Round Table minutes, the Steering Committee roster, and the bylaws;
  • maintaining the GLBTRT committee listservs, adding and deleting subscriptions as directed by the Co-Chairs and committee chairs, responding to requests for subscription, and working with the ALA Internet Coordinator, who is the Round Table list co-owner.

Jason's Statement

An indirect consequence of library school is that I became a homosexual. This is a quasi-facetious statement, but our profession gave me the courage I needed to live openly as a gay man. So, I realize the value and importance of our Round Table and the work we do.

As Secretary of the GLBTRT, I would pledge to promote our core values:

  • Access for all
  • Intellectual freedom
  • Protecting our most vulnerable patrons (GLBTQ teens)
  • Promoting the dignity and rights of the GLBT community

I will treat this commitment with the gravity, seriousness, and good humor required. I will strive to continue the good works of my predecessor by promoting clear communication between the Steering Committee and general membership. Finally, I will work closely with the Membership Committee to promote interest and participation in the Round Table from the newest members of our profession.


  • M.A. in History, University of Alabama, 2008. MA Paper: Rumblings of Revolt: Frank M. Dixon, Governor of Alabama from 1939-1943, and the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama
  • M.S. in Library and Information Studies, University of Alabama, 2006
  • B.A. in History and Political Science, University of Alabama, 2003

Professional Service

  • Mississippi State University
    • Member of the Gender Studies Program (2009 – present)
    • President’s Commission on the Status of Women (2010 – present)
      •  Public Information and Advocacy Committee (2010 – present)
  • Mississippi Library Association
    • Association of College and Research Libraries Section (2008 – present)
    • Government Documents Round Table (2008 – present)
      • Secretary/Treasurer (2009)
      • Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (2010)
    • New Members Round Table (2008 – present)
  • American Library Association
    • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered Round Table (2006, 2008 – present)
      • Stonewall Book Awards Committee Member (2009 – 2011)
      • External Relations Committee Member (2009 – 2011)
    • Association of College and Research Libraries (2006, 2009 – present)
      • College Libraries Section (2009 – present)
      • University Libraries Section (2009 – present)
    • Government Documents Round Table (2008 – present)
    • New Members Round Table (2008 – present)

Peter Hepburn, GLBTRT Councilor, 2010-2013

image of peter hepburn, candidate for glbtrt councilor

GLBTRT Councilor

According to the ALA Council Composition and Charge, round tables with personal membership equal to or greater than one percent of ALA’s total personal membership are entitled to elect one councilor each for a term of three years. "The membership of the round tables, for purposes of this section, shall be fixed as of August 31st of each year. A councilor elected under this Article shall continue to serve without prejudice to any change that might occur in the size of the membership of their round table as provided in Bylaw Article IV, Sec. 2(d) of the ALA Bylaws."

Peter's Statement

In its 40 years of existence, the GLBTRT has been a credit to ALA. I would build on that legacy. I would be proud to be a part of it.

Years of participation in GLBTRT activities and more recent, deeper involvement in committee and governance activities in the RT position me as a worthy candidate to represent you on Council. My experience in high level ALA committees and task forces has given me additional insight on issues facing ALA and the mechanisms for working within the Association.

Let me roll up my sleeves and get to work as your Councilor. Let me hear from all of you what issues Council needs to hear. Let me bring back to you news of what will impact us all. Forty years is remarkable, but I see so much potential in our membership, in the tools and avenues open to us. It excites me, thinking of how the RT can continue and extend its fine work, and how I could be the bridge between GLBTRT and ALA Council.

I would be honored to represent RT members of every self-identification and work at keeping what is important to our community important to the larger library world of which we're part. I hope you will consider me for GLBTRT Councilor.

Degrees and Certifications

  • McGill University, MLIS, 2000
  • University of Victoria, BA (Honours), 1992

Current Position:

  • Digitization Librarian & Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago Library, 2009-present

Previous Positions

  • Digitization Librarian & Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago Library, 2006-09
  • Assistant Circulation Librarian & Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago Library, 2003-07
  • Assistant Circulation Librarian & Visiting Instructor, University of Illinois at Chicago Library, 2002-03
  • Resident Librarian (Reference) & Visiting Instructor, University of Illinois at Chicago Library, 2000-02

Professional Service

    • Chair, External Relations Committee, 2009-present
    • Chair, Bylaws Committee (ad hoc), 2009-2010
    • Co-Liaison, Freedom to Read Foundation, 2009-2011
  • ALA
    • Chair, Election Committee, 2008-09, 2010-2011
    • Task Force on Electronic Member Participation, 2007-09
    • Committee on Organization, 2004-08, 2009-2011
  • ALA Divisions and other Round Tables
    • LAMA MAES: Using Measurement Data for Library Planning Assessment Committee, 2005-07
    • ACRL IS: Local Arrangements Committee, 2004-05
    • ACRL ANSS: 2003 Conference Program Planning, 2001-03
    • NMRT: chair, Leadership Development Committee, 2004-05
    • NMRT: liaison to GLBTRT, 2003-04


  • "Open Card Sorting and Factor Analysis: a Usability Case Study, "The Electronic Library, 2010
  • "What’s in a Name? Using Card Sorting to Evaluate Branding in an Academic Library’s Web Site," College & Research Libraries, May 2008
  • "Constructing Descriptive Records For An Art Image Database: What Do Use Statistics Tell Us?," College & Research Libraries, July 2006

Larry Romans, ALA Councilor-at-Large, 2010-2013

Tom Wilding, ALA Councilor-at-Large, 2010-2013

ALA Councilors-at-Large Members

GLBTRT Members elected to ALA Council.

For more information see the ALA Council page.

The Council is the governing body of ALA. It delegates to the divisions of the Association authority to plan and carry out programs and activities with policy established by Council. Only personal members of the Association may serve on Council. Two meetings are required each year, one at the annual conference of the Association and one not less than three months prior to annual conference. (See Bylaw Article IV.) Council determines all policies of the Association and its decisions are binding unless set aside by a majority vote by mail in which one-fourth of the members of the Association have voted. Such vote by mail shall be held upon petition of one percent of the personal members as certified by the Executive Director of the Association. (See Constitution Article VI.)

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