Exhibits Round Table (ERT)


  • To be a resource for exhibitors - providing information and best practices related to ALA conferences.
  • To act as a liaison between exhibitors and the Association.


The ERT provides a platform for communication and collaboration between the exhibitors, librarians, and ALA making the Exhibit Hall a vital part of the conferences.

Tips for Exhibiting

The ERT board has develop a list of tips to help exhibitors be more successful at ALA events. Follow the link below to download the list.

Tips for Exhibitors from the Exhibits Round Table Best Practices for a Successful ALA Conference

Promotional Activities

ERT/Christopher J. Hoy Scholarship and Artist Alley Silent Auction - Annual Conference

  • This event features numerous donations auctioned during the Annual Conference with proceeds going towards member scholarships via the Christopher J. Hoy fund.

Exhibitor Information

The ERT collaborates with the New Member Round Table (NMRT) to provide a “sneak peak” of the Exhibit Hall for new members at both ALA Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting.


Exhibits Round Table (ERT) membership is open to all exhibitors, librarians, and library associations. The Exhibits Round Table is unique among ALA groups in that librarians and exhibitors share both leadership positions and membership.

American Library Association (ALA) membership is required for all Round Table memberships. For information on personal ALA memberships, online membership application forms for ALA, or to add ERT membership to your personal ALA membership, go to ALA's membership page.

Questions? Email us: ertbd@lists.ala.org


Membership Meeting

ALA Midwinter Meeting: Monday, January 28, 2019, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM at the Book Buzz Theater (end of the 2400 aisle) in the Exhibit Hall

Annual Conference ERT Programs

The submission site for the 2020 Annual Conference ERT Programs is open until March 16, 2020.

Guidelines for Participation:

  1. Vendor must be a member in good standing of ERT.
  2. Programs must discuss topics, products or services of new and significant interest to conference attendees. Products can be discussed generally, but these ERT sponsored programs are not an opportunity for a sales talk.
  3. Vendor assists with publicity of program and any marketing material should include that the program is ERT sponsored.
  4. Presenters will be expected to use audiovisual technology for their program, and all vendors will share the cost of AV as part of the meeting room costs. (Approximately $600 each with any overage on this cost going into the Hoy Scholarship Fund)
  5. All programs are one hour in length. All ERT programs will take place in the same room during the convention, times for each program will be determined based on date of submission of the program.
  6. It is important to have attention-grabbing giveaways--think fun and interesting.
  7. Copies of the proposal must include:
  1. Session Title and accurate description of your session, using up to 75 words.
  2. Learning Objectives for the program: provide outcomes that pinpoint what you expect participants to be able to do after the program. Professional education is “how to” education, more about application and implementation. What will change because of your presentation? Is it intended to be a how to session with practical solutions and lots of takeaways, inspirational, or theoretical?
  3. Define your target audience: librarians? Paraprofessionals? Technicians? Academic or public libraries? Big and urban or small and rural?
  4. Identify speaker/speakers/panel names and qualifications, etc. If program is a panel, include members of the library community, subject experts and vendors.
  5. Provide primary contact information for the program (full mail address, phone numbers/fax/e-mail). All ALA communication will go to this primary contact.

Selection of programs:
The ERT Education Committee comprised of ALA Librarian members will determine selection of programs based on individual program proposals.

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Degree to which purpose and objectives in the presentation offers up-to-date information on current issues faced by library and information professionals.
  • Quality of program presentation and scope
  • Relevance to target audience
  • Creativity with proposed presentation, marketing, etc.

Right of Rejection, Withdrawal or Adjustment
ERT reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal, as well as any portion of the proposal if guidelines are not followed.

If you have questions about the submission process, please feel free to reach out to a member of the ERT Board @ ertbd@lists.ala.org.