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Library staffing is associated with higher reading achievement

Library staffing is associated with an increase in grade 3 reading performance. The presence of trained library staff is associated with higher achievement in reading for grade 6 students.

The presence of a teacher-librarian influences reading enjoyment

The presence of a teacher-librarian was the single strongest predictor of reading enjoyment for both grades 3 and 6 students.

School librarians advocate the development of independent, lifelong learners

The development of independent, lifelong learners has long been an advocacy point of school librarians. They have focused on learners who have skills and interest for engaging with information out of school, for personal interest and ideas discovery and solving school-based and personal problems they encounter where information is needed in the process. 78.7% of students indicated that the school library helps them discover interesting topics other than their school work.

School library computers help with school work

84.9% of the students indicated that school library computers help them do their school work better… Two key features stand out in the students’ comments. First, students see a clear relationship between being able to access information through information technology, and achievement, in research assignments and projects. Second, the instructional intervention of the school librarian in developing students as effective users of information technology to search for information, and the development of students as discerning evaluators of web information plays a role in achieving good grades.

The school library helps students determine the quality of information

… [T]he school library plays an important role in helping students determine the quality of information, particularly with the availability of information, misinformation and disinformation on the Internet. 92.8% of student indicated help in this aspect.

The school library engages students

The school library, particularly the initiating intervention of the school librarian, engages students in an information needs/questioning process that enables students to start their research, focus their searches, get input on the scope of their projects, identify information needs, understand the nature of the task and provide resource pathways.

Librarians impact technology use

Principals often perceive their librarian as the technology leader in the school. Librarians have an impact on both teachers’ and students’ technology use

Library programs positively influence students’ research-skills

Librarians and library programs appear to positively influence students’ research-skills development and motivation for research and inquiry, particularly in the use of information technologies such as databases and the Web.

Schools with certified school librarians have higher language arts scores

Elementary students in schools with certified school librarians are more likely to have higher English and language arts (ELA) scores than those in school with noncertified school librarians.


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