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Libraries' increasingly important role as a technology provider

A majority of public libraries, 67%, report that they are the only free source of computer and Internet access for the communities they serve.

Economic Value of Literacy

The economic value of the Library services that help Philadelphians learn to read and acquire working skills totals $21.8 million for FY10, comprised of:$18.4 million in literacy-related reading & lending$2.6 million in literacy related programming$818,000 in literacy-related online activities(p.5)

Libraries have become an important part of the educational system

Libraries have become an important part of the educational system in the United States, particularly through their computer and Internet services; in addition to allowing users access to the educational system online, they provide individual work stations, specialized classes, one-on-one training, and coordinated efforts with other groups in support of educational activities. (p.56)

Students tend to perform better where...

Students tend to perform better on achievement tests where school libraries have: More full-time equivalents (FTEs) of staffing; Larger collections of periodicals and instructional videos; Better-networked online resources made accessible via computers in the library as well as in classrooms, lab, and offices; Higher total library expenditures; and Heavier use, as indicated by both library visits and circulation. (p. 11)

Librarian Staffing

Elementary schools with at least one full-time endorsed librarian averaged better [Colorado Student Assessment Program] CSAP performance than those with less than one full-time endorsed librarian. (p. ii)


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