Preschool Talking Point #6

Libraries Improve Chidlren's Comprehension Skills, Language Development, and Creativity

Children have further opportunities to improve comprehension skills, accelerate language development, and evoke creativity through extension activities, such as art, drawing, and cooking; large motor activities, such as dancing, parachute games, and obstacle courses; and fine motor activities, such as threading and lacing. Children have vivid memories of the books associated with these activities, which also act as catalysts for later conversations between children and their primary caregivers.

Children's Librarians Provide Meaningful Interactions Between Young Children and Literature

One individual who can be a model for providing meaningful interactions between young children and age-appropriate literature is a children’s librarian in a public library.

Librarian’s expertise in selecting and using materials is unique

The librarian’s expertise in selecting and using materials is unique. The librarian is not an early childhood educator, but—by training and experience—the librarian is equipped to nurture the young child’s curiosity through his interest in stories and books. Moreover, the goals of the profession give librarians a vested interest in the child’s development of language and reading skills.

Story time for preschoolers

Basic Service: Story time for preschoolers. Promotes: Hearing language, being read aloud to, socialization, cognitive development for building later learning, modeling reading aloud and interaction for parents and caregivers, reading motivation, playing with language. Best Practice: Parent training and mentoring. Promotes: Socialization, language-skill building, book selection, motivation, joy of reading. Best Practice: Programming with families. Promotes: Lifelong use of library, motivation, parent/child interaction, independent reading, access to materials, early/emergent literacy. Best Practice: Child-care provider training and mentoring. Promotes: Early/emergent literacy, book selection, motivation, joy of reading, playing with language.