Preschool Story Time: Fun and Learning in the School Library

TitlePreschool Story Time: Fun and Learning in the School Library
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsSchwindt, M, Tegeler, J
JournalSchool Library Monthly
Pagination14 - 15
AbstractEffective school libraries are no longer quiet, staid places--and the inclusion of preschoolers adds even more joy and active learning to the mix. As more and more elementary schools include preschool children in their school communities, school librarians can respond with programs that emphasize essential early literacy experiences for the very young. It is the school librarians' responsibility and pleasure to welcome these young children into the library and develop programming that provides them with beginning literacy experiences. It is important for school librarians to introduce themselves to the early childhood educators in their schools by inviting them to visit the school library and look at the available resources. They can also make plans for story time with the students and collaborate to build a foundation for early literacy. This article focuses on the ingredients needed for a successful preschool library experience. (Contains 3 resources.)\par