Top 5 Reasons to participate in the Digital Inclusion Survey

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Why Participate? Top 5 Reasons

1 - Better understand your community

Get a better sense of your community's needs, challenges, and opportunities through interactive tools and how your library's services add value to your community.

2 - Support budget and ROI requests

The Survey provides critical local, state, and national data that you can communicate with decision makers about the value of your library's technology-enabled services and public access technologies. 

3 - Improve digital inclusion

The Survey focuses on how your library helps build a digitally inclusive community, supporting 21st century workforce development, digital literacy, education, and a healthy community.

4 - Inform internal planning

Combining new Survey data with community data can help you identify where your library's services and resources are meeting community needs and where there might be room for improvement or a need for new partners to extend the library’s reach.

5 - Get “Edge-ready”

The Survey is an excellent way to inventory public access technology services and resources that are key indicators for many of the Edge Initiative benchmarks. By participating in the Survey, your library is becoming "Edge-ready."

TAKE THE SURVEY - The Digital Inclusion Survey will be open until November 15, 2013.

For additional information on the Digital Inclusion Survey, please contact the Office for Research & Statistics.