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Do you have questions about libraries and librarians? The Office for Research and Statistics (ORS) and the American Library Association (ALA) maintains a number of statistical and informational resources to help you understand libraries and librarianship in context.

This section of the American Library Association's website includes:

ALA Initiatives - links to major research initiatives, including the current Digital Inclusion Study and Membership Survey.

Libraries Matter - Making the case about library impact is important when supporting libraries to community members and stakeholders. The site includes links to and bibliographic information of studies that show the economic, educational and social impact of libraries.

Librarianship & Library Staff Statistics - Links to the American Library Association's resources on salaries and staffing.

Statistics about libraries

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This Friday's webinar, "Mapping Inclusion: Public Library Technology and Community Needs" presents findings from the recent Digital Inclusion Survey, exploring the intersections of public access technologies and education, employment, health & wellness, digital literacy, e-government and inclusion.

The webinar will also share exciting new data and mapping tools, helping librarians locate and interpret national and state-level results from the survey for planning and advocacy purposes - with suggestions for creating a digital inclusion snapshot of your public library.

For more information

Press Release | Sign up for the webinar

Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion Survey findings and Infographic on how Public Libraries are Leading the Way.


LARKS (Librarian and Researcher Knowledge Space), the new site by ORS with tools to help library researchers with tips, resources and helpful tools - for beginners and experienced researchers.

Coming soon

Findings from the second year of the Digital Inclusion Survey will tell us how your digital technologies and services are helping users connect to needed online resources. Find out more!

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